USSR, 1930, 67mn 
Black and white, documentary
Enthusiasm (Simfoniya Donbassa)
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Симфония Донбаса


 La Symphonie du Donbass

 Simfoniya Donbasa

Russian subtitle : Энтузиазм
Directed by : Dziga VERTOV (Дзига ВЕРТОВ)
Cinematography : Boris TSEITLIN (Борис ЦЕЙТЛИН)
Music : Nikolay_2 TIMOFEYEV (Николай_2 ТИМОФЕЕВ)
Sound : Pyotr SHTRO (Пётр ШТРО)
Editing : Yelizaveta SVILOVA (Елизавета СВИЛОВА), Dziga VERTOV (Дзига ВЕРТОВ)
Production : Ukraїnfilm, Studio de Kiev
Release date in Russia : 02/04/1931

Plot synopsis
This is not a dubbed film, but a movie symphony with the originally recorded sound, which paved the way to the screen for documentary sounds presented as a symphony, «one of the most impressive image and sound symphonies» (Chaplin). In this movie Vertov did what later in the 60s became known as «concrete music», which uses real-life and industrial noises as part of the musical image. Vertov’s crew did no merely record the real noises and sounds, they were the first to carry out several synchronous shooting sessions, implying simultaneous recording of image and sound.
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