USSR, 1924, 95mn 
Black and white, silent, fiction
Mr. West s Extraordinary Adventures in the Bolsheviks Land
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Необычайные приключения мистера Веста в стране большевиков


 Les Aventures extraordinaires de Mister West au pays des Bolcheviks

 Neobychaynye priklyuchenia mistera Vesta v strane bolshevikov

Other titles : Чем это кончится?, Мистер Вест (Comment cela va-t-il se terminer, Mr.West)
Directed by : Lev KULESHOV (Лев КУЛЕШОВ)
Writing credits : Nikolay ASSEV (Николай АСЕЕВ)
Boris BARNET (Борис БАРНЕТ) ...Dieddy, un cow-boy
Vladimir FOGEL (Владимир ФОГЕЛЬ) ...Un collègue d’Elie
Aleksandra KHOKHLOVA (Александра ХОХЛОВА) ...la comtesse
Sergey KOMAROV (Сергей КОМАРОВ) ...Le borgne
V. LOPATINA (В. ЛОПАТИНА) ...Elie, l'Américaine
Leonid OBOLENSKY (Леонид ОБОЛЕНСКИЙ) ...le gandin
Porfiri PODOBED (Порфирий ПОДОБЕД) ...Mister West
Vsevolod PUDOVKIN (Всеволод ПУДОВКИН) ...Jban, l’aventurier
Cinematography : Aleksandr LEVITSKY (Александр ЛЕВИТСКИЙ)
Production design : Vsevolod PUDOVKIN (Всеволод ПУДОВКИН)
Production : Goskino
Release date in Russia : 27/04/1924
Sites : Allociné, IMDb
VOD or DVD release in France : 2015-06-05, Site

DVD with subtitles
Editor : Lobster. 2015. Titre : Les Extraordinaires Aventures de M. West

Plot synopsis
A satirical comedy mocking the way some Americans think about Soviet Russia.

Commentaries and bibliography
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This film marks the birth of the Red Western. Made by Lev Kuleshov, teacher of the Moscow film school and pioneer of Soviet montage, the actors included students Boris Barnet and Vladimir Pudovkin, on the brink of their own careers. With live music by the Metropole Orchestra.
Lev Kuleshov’s first feature film pays homage to Hollywood films and film techniques in a number of ways. The title character Mr. West resembles Harold Lloyd, and the acrobatic cowboy Jeddy, Mr. West’s bodyguard, is based on Douglas Fairbanks, both of whom were quite popular with Russian audiences. The film is a political comedy, but it draws on other genres that Kuleshov identified with Hollywood, including Westerns, action-adventure films and slapstick.
The film’s main comic target was the political divide between Soviet Russia and the United States, caused, Kuleshov suggests, by international misunderstandings. Although many Americans in the 1920s may have feared the intentions of Revolutionary Russia, Kuleshov saw around him a Russian population that embraced America’s cultural exports, especially its movies. It is telling that Kuleshov applied an American model of film making to a Soviet film that he hoped might help bridge the political gap between the United States and the USSR.

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