Aleksandr ZARKHY
Александр ЗАРХИ
Aleksandr ZARKHI
USSR, 1967, 144mn 
Colour, fiction
Anna Karenina
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Анна Каренина


 Anna Karénine

 Anna Karenina

Directed by : Aleksandr ZARKHY (Александр ЗАРХИ)
Writing credits : Vasili KATANYAN (Василий КАТАНЯН), Aleksandr ZARKHY (Александр ЗАРХИ)
Based on L.Tolstoy’s novel of the same name.
Boris GOLDAEV (Борис ГОЛДАЕВ) ...Lévine
Nikolay GRITSENKO (Николай ГРИЦЕНКО) ...Karénine
Vasili LANOVOY (Василий ЛАНОВОЙ) ...Bronski
Sofia PILIAVSKAIA (Софья ПИЛЯВСКАЯ) ...La comtesse Bronski
Maya PLISETSKAYA (Майя ПЛИСЕЦКАЯ) ...La duchesse Betsi
Tatyana SAMOYLOVA (Татьяна САМОЙЛОВА) ...Anna Karénine
Lidia SUKHAREVSKAIA (Лидия СУХАРЕВСКАЯ) ...Lidia Ivanovna
Yuri YAKOVLEV (Юрий ЯКОВЛЕВ) ...Stiva Oblonski
Cinematography : Leonid KALASHNIKOV (Леонид КАЛАШНИКОВ)
Production design : Aleksandr_2 BORISOV (Александр_2 БОРИСОВ), Yuri KLADIENKO (Юрий КЛАДИЕНКО)
Music : Rodion SHCHEDRIN (Родион ЩЕДРИН)
Sound : Vyacheslav LESHCHEV (Вячеслав ЛЕЩЕВ), Boris ZUYEV (Борис ЗУЕВ)
Production : Mosfilm
Spectators : 40,5 millions of spectators
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DVD with subtitles
Editor : Ruscico

Plot synopsis
A beautiful, aristocratic young woman whose life at the peak of Imperial Russian society leaves her lonely and unfulfilled...a dashing military man with a noble title and a passionate affair that begins as a private infatuation, but soon scandalizes an entire city...
Count Leo Tolstoy's classic romantic novel, Anna Karenina, paints an unforgettable portrait of two people who lose themselves in the throes of a love so powerful that it comes to dominate their very existences, changing forever their friendships, families and futures. <...>
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Commentaries and bibliography
Les dix meilleures incarnations d’Anna Karénine au cinéma, Alexandra GOUZEVA, RUSSIA BEYOND, 2023
After several previous attempts by foreign directors who miss the mark, this Russian film version of Leo Tolstoy's classic novel Anna Karenina most accurately follows the Tolstoy novel and remains superior to all other versions to date. It concerns the struggle of a woman to find her place in Russian society. Anna (Tatiana Samoilova) is shunned by society when she leaves her older husband and small son for the dashing young cavalry officer Vronsky (Vassili Lanovai). The officer is torn between his love for Anna and his social and military responsibilities. Bolshoi ballet star Maia Plisetskaya is the noble Princess who at first helps Anna, then turns her back on her. Anna is caught between the worlds of high society and privilege and the downtrodden peasants who are victimized by the economic elite. She tries desperately to follow her heart as she is harshly judged by society for trying to find her place.
Dan Pavlides,

Selected in the following festivals or events :
- Thaw Films : 1953-1968, (France), 2023
- Festival du film russe. A l'heure de Moscou, Verdun sur Garonne (France), 2020
- Russian Film Festival in Niort, Niort (France), 2016
- Marseille Russian Film Festival in Toursky, Marseille (France), 2013
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- Days of the russian cinema in Tunisia, Tunis / Sousse / Hammamet (Tunisia), 2012
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- Festival de Cannes, Cannes (France), 1968

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