France / Italy / Switzerland, 1999, 117mn 
Colour, fiction
Farewell, Home Sweet Home / Farewell, Terra Firma!
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Истина в вине!


 Adieu, plancher des vaches

 Istina v vine!

Russian subtitle : In vino veritas
Directed by : Otar IOSSELIANI (Отар ИОСЕЛИАНИ)
Writing credits : Otar IOSSELIANI (Отар ИОСЕЛИАНИ)
Other persons :
Image : William LUBTCHANSKY
Musique : Nicolas ZOURABICHVILI
Interprétation :
Lily LAVINA …la mère
Philippe BAS …le motard
Stéphanie HAINQUE …la fille du café
Production : Pierre Grise Productions (France), Carac Film (Suisse), Alia Film, Istituto Luce
Release date in Russia : 01/12/2000

Plot synopsis
A rich young man decides to find out how the other half lives in the comedy Adieu, Plancher Des Vaches!. Nicolas (Niko Tarielashvili) is the oldest son in a wealthy family headed by his mother (Lily Lavina), a successful businesswoman with a busy schedule, and his father (Otar Iosseliani), an eccentric alcoholic with a weakness for wine and model trains. Nicolas seems to have mixed feelings about his family's privileged lifestyle; his best friend is a beggar and Nic works in a cafe, where he washes dishes and tries to impress the owner's daughter, who prefers the company of a surly sailor with a motorcycle. One night, Nic sneaks a group of his lower-class buddies into the family wine cellar for an informal fete; Dad soon joins them, striking up a sudden friendship with a wino who tags along. But Nic's flirtation with the less comfortable side of life also leads to friendships with petty criminals, leading him to wonder if the life of the upper classes might not be so bad after all. Adieu, Plancher Des Vaches! was written and directed by Otar Iosseliani, who also gave himself a plum supporting role as Father.
Mark Deming, www.allmovie.com

Commentaries and bibliography
Le vin géorgien au cinéma, expression d’un nationalisme original, Sophie TOURNON, regard-est.com, 2008

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