Russia, 2005, 101mn 
Colour, fiction
Sunless City
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Город без солнца


 Une ville sans soleil

 Gorod bez Solntsa

Directed by : Sergey POTEMKIN (Сергей ПОТЕМКИН)
Writing credits : Igor GERTSEV (Игорь ГЕРЦЕВ), Sergey POTEMKIN (Сергей ПОТЕМКИН)
Maksim AVERIN (Максим АВЕРИН) ...Egor
Sergey BEZRUKOV (Сергей БЕЗРУКОВ) ...Aleks
Semyon FURMAN (Семён ФУРМАН) ...Semion
Yulia MAVRINA (Юлия МАВРИНА) ...Lucie
Nikolay TROFIMOV (Николай ТРОФИМОВ) ...Zvonar
Cinematography : Sergey YURIZDITSKY (Сергей ЮРИЗДИЦКИЙ)
Production design : Olga ROSTROSTA (Ольга РОСТРОСТА)
Music : Sergey SHCHURAKOV (Сергей ЩУРАКОВ)
Sound : Leonid LERNER (Леонид ЛЕРНЕР)
Editing : Leda SEMENOVA (Ледa СЕМЕНОВА)
Produced by : Vitali POTEMKIN (Виталий ПОТЁМКИН)
Production : Kino Plus
Release date in Russia : 09/02/2006
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Plot synopsis
Egor meets Lucy after he accidentally brushes her with his car. Lucy is an artist and amateur actress in a children's theatre. Egor is an engineer at a tobacco factory. They are from different worlds, but it is this difference that attracts them to each other. Lucy invites Egor to "Sunless City", a performance art piece presented by her brother Alex. While black and white photos of St. Petersburg are projected on the walls of a big cube, artificial rain falls on the umbrellas held by the spectators inside. Alex perceives human life as a "sunless city". Alex has AIDS, but he hides his illness from everyone except Lucy. The overriding atmosphere of decadence at the after-party depresses Egor. He feels sorry for the people around him, but they don't need his compassion - they are all quite content, including the charming Lucy. Egor is infatuated with her and they become lovers. But soon he finds out that Lucy is addicted to drugs. Egor losses himself in his efforts to save Lucy.

Commentaries and bibliography
Sergei Potemkin: Sunless City (Gorod bez solntsa), 2005, Daniel WILD,, 2006

Selected in the following festivals or events :
- Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Karlovy Vary (Czech Republic), 2005
- Open Russian Film Festival Kinotavr, Sochi (Russia), 2005
- Moscow International Film Festival (MIFF), Moscow (Russia), 2005