USSR, 1988, 138mn 
Colour, fiction
It's Hard For the First Hundred Years
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Трудно первые сто лет


 Les Premiers cent ans sont difficiles

 Trudno pyervyye sto let

Directed by : Viktor ARISTOV (Виктор АРИСТОВ)
Production : Lenfilm

Plot synopsis
The film features the life story of the young woman Varya, a collective farm milkmaid: hers are the grinding routine work, the everyday worries, the empty store counters, the industrious husband who is also worn out and joyless...
This goes on from one day to another: the work, the household duties, the worries...
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Commentaries and bibliography
Орфей-трип: интерпретация орфических мотивов в творчестве Виктора Аристова [Voyage-Orphée : interprétation des motifs orphiques dans les œuvres de Viktor Aristov], Лилия ЗДОРОВА, Cinema Routine, 2023

Selected in the following festivals or events :
- Moscow International Film Festival (MIFF), Moscow (Russia), 2006