: French non profit association

Our aim :

To provide a highly informative and regularly updated website about Russian and Soviet films. You can consult the website - – in three languages, Russian, French and English, where you will find:

  • Information about Russian and Soviet films currently being shown at major film festivals worldwide
  • Detailed information sheets about a large number of Russian and Soviet films, directors, actors, crew members and producers
  • Documents about the history of the Russian and Soviet film industry
  • Links to other sites and technical information about the Russian and Soviet film industry
  • Articles, interviews, etc.

Our needs :

Your comments and suggestions to help us improve the website and provide the information people are looking for.

In particular, we need:
  • Translators who would be willing to work on an unpaid basis (Russian-English and French-English)
  • Documents about Russian and Soviet films and the film industry that we could put online (in the public domain, as we cannot afford to pay for rights)

The Board :

Contacts :