Alexandre SOKUROV
Александр СОКУРОВ
Alexandre SOKOUROV
Russia / Germany, 1993, 80mn 
Colour, fiction
Quiet Pages
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Directed by : Alexandre SOKUROV ( Александр СОКУРОВ)
Writing credits : Yuri ARABOV (Юрий АРАБОВ), Andrey CHERNYKH (Андрей ЧЕРНЫХ), Alexandre SOKUROV ( Александр СОКУРОВ)
Aleksandr CHEREDNIK (Александр ЧЕРЕДНИК)
Yelizaveta KOROLEVA (Елизавета КОРОЛЕВА)
Cinematography : Aleksandr BUROV (Александр БУРОВ)
Production design : Vera ZELINSKAYA (Вера ЗЕЛИНСКАЯ)
Sound : Vladimir PERSOV (Владимир ПЕРСОВ)
Production : Lenfilm, Zeo Film, Eskom Film, Severnyï fond (Saint-Pétersbourg)
Release date in France : 1998-11-24, Site

Plot synopsis
The film is loosely based on Russian prosaic works of the 19th century. Alexander Sokurov re-reads the pages of the famous prose in his own manner. Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s “Crime and Punishment” was chosen as ideological pivot, a historical landmark but not the basis of the story. Gustav Mahler’s vocal cycle was recorded by vocalist Lina Mkrtchyan specially for this film.
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Selected in the following festivals or events :
- Festival ''Cinema and literature'', Gatchina (Russia), 2022
- Alexandre Sokourov : des pages cachées, Paris (France), 2010
- Cinéma Arenberg. Ecran total 09, Brussels (Belgium), 2009
- Europalia Russia 2005, Brussels (Belgium), 2005
- Nantes Russian Film Festival, Nantes (France), 1999
- Fall Festival 1998, Paris (France), 1998
- Release in France of the film, Different cities (France), 1998-11-24
- FEMA / La Rochelle International Film Festival, La Rochelle (France), 1995
- Berlin International Film Festival : Berlinale, Berlin (Germany), 1994