USSR, 1958, 110mn 
Colour, fiction
The Poem Of The Sea
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Поэма о море


 Le Poème à la mer

 Poema o more

Directed by : Yulia SOLNTSEVA (Юлия СОЛНЦЕВА)
Writing credits : Aleksandr DOVZHENKO (Александр ДОВЖЕНКО)
Production design : Aleksandr_2 BORISOV (Александр_2 БОРИСОВ)
Production : Mosfilm

Awards :
Prix de la meilleure réalisation de l'Union Soviétique en 1959

Plot synopsis
This is a movie-poem with philosophic and lyric contemplations about the construction of Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station, closure of the Dnieper, creation of Kakhovskoye Sea and also about human destinies involved in this great overturn of the region’s life. The action takes place in 1956-57. To the farm chairman’s call the people born in the village located near the Dniepr river that is to be flooded come to say good-buy to their birthplace. It is very hard for the senior generation to destroy their native houses and demolish the gardens as their memories of happy peaceful life and of the dreadful war are associated with them. The young people on the contrary smash down everything old with enthusiasm being sure that it brings nearer the bright future. Spring waters of the Dniepr are out and the Ukrainian village sinks to the bottom of the new Kakhovskoye Sea…
Source : www.mosfilm.ru

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