Russia, 1911, 8mn 
Black and white, silent, fiction
Pecsnia katorzhanina
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Песня каторжанина


 La Chanson du prisonnier

 Pecsnya katorzhanina

Directed by : Yakov PROTAZANOV (Яков ПРОТАЗАНОВ)
Writing credits : Yakov PROTAZANOV (Яков ПРОТАЗАНОВ)
Mariya KOROLEVA (Мария КОРОЛЕВА) ...Aliona
Nikolay SALTYKOV (Николай САЛТИКОВ) ...Ilia, ouvrier prisonnier
Vladimir SHATERNIKOV (Владимир ШАТЕРНИКОВ) ...Vieillard
Production : P. Timan & F. Reinhardt
Release date in Russia : 05/10/1911
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Plot synopsis
At the start of the film, we see a group of prisoners advancing through a forest, handcuffed, under the surveillance of their guards. The group pauses and one of the prisoners calls attention to himself: he tells how he got there. He worked on his old parents' farm. He had a fiancée who one day took him to the market. While she was trying on a modest scarf, the merchant put a much nicer one on her shoulders and tried to kiss her. The young man arrived in time to repel the merchant and keep his fiancée away. Some time later, we see the merchant, a middle-aged man, at the girl’s house with gifts that seduce both the parents and the girl. The marriage is immediately concluded and the girl leaves to live with the old merchant in a rich house. But the fiance cannot bear this situation and one night he approaches the merchant's house, surrounds it with straw and sets it on fire. The film (or what is left of it) stops on this image.

Selected in the following festivals or events :
- Images Russie 1908-1930 au musée d'Orsay, Paris (France), 2005