USSR, 1939, 98mn 
Black and white, fiction
My Universities
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Мои университеты


 Mes universités

 Moi universitety

Directed by : Mark DONSKOY (Марк ДОНСКОЙ)
Writing credits : Mark DONSKOY (Марк ДОНСКОЙ)
Nikolay DOROKHIN (Николай ДОРОХИН) ...Ossip Chatounov
Stepan KAIUKOV (Степан КАЮКОВ) ...Semenov
Fyodor ODINOKOV (Федор ОДИНОКОВ) ...Melov
Nikolay PLOTNIKOV (Николай ПЛОТНИКОВ) ...Nikiforytch
Gottlieb RONINSON (Готлиб РОНИНСОН) ...Gouri Pletnev
Pavel SHPRINGFELD (Павел ШПРИНГФЕЛЬД) ...Vaska Gratchik
Lev SVERDLIN (Лев СВЕРДЛИН) ...Le gardien
Mikhail TROYANOVSKY (Михаил ТРОЯНОВСКИЙ) ...Professeur Stoudentski
N. VALBERT (Н. ВАЛЬБЕРТ) ...Alekseï Pechkov
Cinematography : Pyotr ERMOLOV (Пётр ЕРМОЛОВ)
Production design : Ivan STEPANOV (Иван СТЕПАНОВ)
Music : Lev SCHWARTZ (Лев ШВАРЦ)
Sound : Vladimir_2 DMITRIYEV (Владимир_2 ДМИТРИЕВ)
Production : Soyouzdetfilm
Restauration : Studios Gorki (1977)
Release date in Russia : 27/03/1940

Awards :
Prix spécial des journalistes italiens au Festival de Venise, 1948
Premier prix du Festival de Stokholm, 1949
Prix au Festival de Edembourg, 1955

DVD with subtitles
Editor : Ruscico. 2010.
Sous-titres : RU EN FR ES IT DE PT

Plot synopsis
My Universities (Moi universiteti) is the last installment of Russian director Mark Donskoy's "Maxim Gorki" trilogy. Having endured a painful youth in My Childhood (1938) and a torturous sojourn as a serf in My Apprenticeship), future writer Gorki (Alexei Lyarsky) reaches maturity with an insatiable desire for personal and artistic freedom. The "university" of the title is actual the school of Hard Knocks, as Gorky goes to work in the shipyards and commisserates with the hard-drinking, philosophical dockworkers. Donskoy's depiction of street life under the Czarist regime of the late 19th century as unrelentingly depressing, filled with disenfranchised derelicts. This, of course, was meant to be a contrast to the "perfection" of the Stalin years. We can forgive this propagandizing in the light of Donskoy's indisputable cinematic brilliance. In 1941, a considerably edited version of My Universities was released in the US as University of Life.
Hal Erickson,

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