Vladimir BORTKO
Владимир БОРТКО
Vladimir BORTKO
1987, 96mn 
Colour, fiction
Having Lied Once
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Единожды солгав


 Qui a menti une fois

 Yedinozhdy solgav

Directed by : Vladimir BORTKO (Владимир БОРТКО)
Nikolay GRINKO (Николай ГРИНЬКО)
Music : Vladimir DASHKEVICH (Владимир ДАШКЕВИЧ)
Production : Lenfilm

Plot synopsis
The picture features a few weeks of life of a prosperous forty-year-old painter. Back during the “stagnation” years he absorbed and accepted “double standard” as a mode of life — and at this time, he is suffering a difficult, agonizing enlightenment and realization of his past...
Source : www.lenfilm.ru