Yelizaveta SVILOVA
Елизавета СВИЛОВА
Elizaveta SVILOVA
USSR, 1946, 57mn 
Black and white, documentary
Judgement of the people
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Суд народов


 Le Tribunal des peuples

 Sud narodov

Directed by : Roman KARMEN (Роман КАРМЕН), Yelizaveta SVILOVA (Елизавета СВИЛОВА)
Writing credits : Boris GORBATOV (Борис ГОРБАТОВ)
Cinematography : Roman KARMEN (Роман КАРМЕН), Boris MAKASEYEV (Борис МАКАСЕЕВ), Sergey SEMENOV (Сергей СЕМЕНОВ)
Production : (TSSDF), Studio Central de Films Documentaires (ЦСДФ)
format : 35 mm
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Awards :
Prix Staline en 1947

Plot synopsis
Most of the film describes the Nazis' crimes in detail, particularly those committed in the Soviet Union. It claims that if not stopped, the Nazis would have "turned the whole world into a Majdanek". It also includes some elements of anti-capitalist propaganda, claiming that the real rulers of Germany were Krupp and the other "armament kings". Of the Holocaust and the recovery of gold from its victims, the film states that the Nazis "even made death into a commercial enterprise".
It is noted in the film that the Soviet Union objected to the acquittal of Hans Fritzsche, Franz von Papen and Hjalmar Schacht, and to the fact that Rudolf Hess was given a sentence of life imprisonment, rather than a death sentence. The film shows the corpses of the executed Nazis, before ending with the words "Let the Nuremberg Trial be a stern warning to all warmongers. Let it serve the cause of world-wide peace – of an enduring and democratic peace." spoken while displayed on-screen.
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Commentaries and bibliography
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Selected in the following festivals or events :
- Filmer la guerre. Les soviétiques face à la Shoah, Paris (France), 2015