USSR, 1930, 96mn 
Black and white, fiction
A Simple Case
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Простой случай


 Un simple cas

 Prostoy sluchay

Russian subtitle : Очень хорошо живется (On vit bien)
Directed by : Vsevolod PUDOVKIN (Всеволод ПУДОВКИН)
Writing credits : Aleksandr RZHESHEVSKY (Александр РЖЕШЕВСКИЙ)
A. BATURIN (А. БАТУРИН) ...Langovoï
A. BELOV (А. БЕЛОВ) ...Gricha
M. BELUSOVA (М. БЕЛУСОВА) ...La jeune fille
Aleksandr CHISTIAKOV (Александр ЧИСТЯКОВ) ...Le père Sacha
Andrey GORCHILIN (Андрей ГОРЧИЛИН) ...L’ouvrier
V. KUZMICH (В. КУЗЬМИЧ) ...Jelitkov
Yevgeniya ROGULINA (Евгения РОГУЛИНА) ...Machenka
Vladimir URALSKY (Владимир УРАЛЬСКИЙ) ...Le soldat blessé
Cinematography : Georgi BOBROV (Георгий БОБРОВ), Gigori KABALOV (Гигорий КАБАЛОВ)
Production design : Sergey KOZLOVSKI (Сергей КОЗЛОВСКИЙ)
Production : Mejrabpom-film
Release date in Russia : 03/12/1932

Plot synopsis
The civil war has ended. Red Army soldiers return to their native town. A long friendship bonds three war-time comrades and former Re-Army commanders Langovoi, Zheltikov and uncle Sasha. All the three of them get work at a military headquarters. The bachelors uncle Sasha and Zheltikov live in a small room and often call on Langovoi and Mashenka (they got married before the war). Then misfortune strikes: when his wife went to see her relatives Langovoi met another woman and fell in love with her. His friends secretly disapprove of him and have no doubt that it is nothing but a temporary delusion of their friend who has just recovered after a serious illness…
Source : www.moscowfilmfestival.ru

Commentaries and bibliography
Les origines du cinéma soviétique : un regard neuf, Myriam TSIKOUNAS, Cerf, 1992

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