Khojakuli NARLIEV
Ходжакули НАРЛИЕВ
Khodjakouli NARLIEV
USSR, 1971, 79mn 
Colour, fiction
The Daughter-In-Law
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 La Bru


Directed by : Khojakuli NARLIEV (Ходжакули НАРЛИЕВ)
Writing credits : Khojakuli NARLIEV (Ходжакули НАРЛИЕВ), Khojadurdy NARLIEV (Ходжадурды НАРЛИЕВ)
Maya-Goselle AIMEDOVA (Мая-Гозель АЙМЕДОВА) ...Ogoulkeïk
Aynabat AMANLIYEVA (Айнабат АМАНЛИЕВА) ...Bibitatch
khojaberdy NARLIYEV (Ходжаберды НАРЛИЕВ) ...Mourad
Khojan OVEZGELENOV (Ходжан ОВЕЗГЕЛЕНОВ) ...Le vieux
Cinematography : Anatoli IVANOV (Анатолий ИВАНОВ)
Production design : Annamamed KHODZHANIYAZOV (Аннамамед ХОДЖАНИЯЗОВ)
Music : Redzhep REDZHEPOV (Реджеп РЕДЖЕПОВ)
Other persons :
Cast: Khommat MULLYK, Ogulkurban DURDYEVA, Arslan MURADOV, Mergen NIYAZOV
Production : Turkmenfilm

Awards :
State Award of the USSR (1973, director Kh.Narliev, cameraman A.lvanov, production designer A.Khodzhaniyazov, actors M.Aimedova and Kh.Ovezgelenov)
Memorable medal for participation (critics section), IFF in Venice, Italy (1972)
Prizes "Silver Siren" to the movie, "Sorrento Trophy" to the leading actress (M.Aimedova), IFF in Sorrento, Italy (1972)
Special Jury Prize, IFF in Locarno, Switzerland (1972)
Prize to the best director (Kh.Nurliev, shared with Sh.Abbasov for the film "Drama of Love"), second prize for the best female part (M.Aimedova), All-Union Film Festival in Tbilisi (1972)

Plot synopsis
Khodjakuli Narliev's plaintive cinematic poem is as delicate as a desert breeze. A woman whose husband has been killed in WWII lives with her father-in-law in the desert. "You've been irreproachable all these years," he tells her - at once a compliment and a sad realization. She cannot leave and go back to her family, because that would mean the end of hope that her husband, a heroic pilot, might return one day. The film, composed in rich color, is a series of encounters and memories - the birth of a child, a visit from her brother, a plane ride with her husband just before he went off to war - that revolve around the memory of what was and the bittersweet image of what might have been. A singingly beautiful film.
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Commentaries and bibliography
The Socialist Avant-Garde at the 33rd Moscow International Film Festival, Julie DRASKOCZY,, 2011

Selected in the following festivals or events :
- Moscow International Festival of Archival Films (Formerly "Belye Stolby"), Moscow (Russia), 2022
- Moscow International Film Festival (MIFF), Moscow (Russia), 2011
- Moscow International Film Festival (MIFF), Moscow (Russia), 2010