Born in 1927, USSR
Died in 2020
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Ирина Константиновна СКОБЦЕВА
From filmography
2021 - Bondarchuk. Battle (Бондарчук. Battle) by Ilya BELOV [documentary, 93 mn]
2014 - Tayna tyomnoy komnaty (Тайна темной комнаты) by Olga BELYAEVA [fiction, 76 mn]
2012 - Zoloto (Золото) by Andrey MARMONTOV [fiction, 110 mn]
2007 - Artistka (Артистка) by Stanislav GOVORUKHIN [fiction, 95 mn]
2006 - Zhara (Жара) by Rezo GIGINISHVILY [fiction, 100 mn]
2003 - Drugaya zhenshchina, drugoy Muzhchina (Другая женщина другой мужчина) by Konstantin KHUDYAKOV [fiction, 96 mn]
2003 - Pokayannaya Lyubov (Покаянная любовь) by Vasili PANIN [fiction, 98 mn]
2000 - Zavist bogov (Зависть богов) by Vladimir MENSHOV [fiction, 134 mn]
1992 - Besy (Бесы) by Igor TALANKIN [fiction, 152 mn]
1988 - Osen, Chertanovo... (Осень, Чертаново...) by Dmitry TALANKIN , Igor TALANKIN [fiction, 105 mn]
1986 - Boris Godunov (Борис Годунов) by Sergey BONDARCHUK [fiction, 149 mn]
1980 - Moy papa idealist (Мой папа идеалист) by Vladimir BORTKO [fiction, 88 mn]
1978 - Otets Sergiy (Отец Сергий) by Igor TALANKIN [fiction, 101 mn]
1977 - Step (Степь) by Sergey BONDARCHUK [fiction, 134 mn]
1975 - Oni srazhalis za Rodinu (Они сражались за Родину) by Sergey BONDARCHUK [fiction, 160 mn]
1973 - Sovsem propashchiy (Совсем пропащий) by Georgi DANELIYA [fiction, 98 mn]
1973 - Molchanie doktora Ivensa (Молчание доктора Ивенса) by Budimir METALNIKOV [fiction, 83 mn]
1970 - Vaterloo (Ватерлоо) by Sergey BONDARCHUK [fiction, 127 mn]
1968 - Zigzag udachi (Зигзаг удачи) by Eldar RIAZANOV [fiction, 87 mn]
1965 - Voyna i mir (Война и мир) by Sergey BONDARCHUK [fiction, 431 mn]
1965 - Tridtsat tri (Тридцать три) by Georgi DANELIYA [fiction, 77 mn]
1963 - Ya shagayu po Moskve (Я шагаю по Москве) by Georgi DANELIYA [fiction, 78 mn]
1960 - Seryozha (Сережа) by Georgi DANELIYA , Igor TALANKIN [fiction, 80 mn]
1959 - Annushka (Аннушка) by Boris BARNET , Georgi NATANSON [fiction, 71 mn]
1959 - Belye nochi (Белые ночи) by Ivan PYRIEV [fiction, 97 mn]
1957 - Poedinok (Поединок) by Vladimir PETROV [fiction, 104 mn]
1955 - Otello (Отелло) by Sergey YUTKEVICH [fiction, 109 mn]

Awards :
Special Prize, Open Russian Film Festival Kinotavr, Russia, 2018

Irina Skobtseva is a Russian film actress known as Helen Kuragina in epic film Guerre et paix (1966), a powerful adaptation of the eponymous masterpiece by Leo Tolstoy by director Sergey Bondarchuk.
She was born Irina Konstantinovna Skobtseva on 22 August 1927, in Tula, USSR (now Russia). Her father, Konstantin Skobtsev, was a meteorology scientist, her mother, julia Nikolaevna, was an archive researcher. While a student of art department at the Moscow State University, she was active with student drama, From 1951 to 1955 she studied acting at the Moscow Art Theatre Studio, graduating as actress. She made her film debut as Desdemona opposite Sergey Bondarchuk in the Shakespearian drama Othello (1956) by director Sergei Yutkevich.
Irina Skobtseva shot to fame as Helen Kuragina in epic film Voina i mir (1967) by director Sergey Bondarchuk. The eight-hour epic became the most expensive film ever made, Guerre et paix (1966) was produced over seven years, from 1961 to 1968, at an estimated cost of $100,000,000 (about one billion dollars adjusted for inflation in 2010). The film set several records, such as involving over three hundred professional actors from several countries and also tens of thousands extras from the Red Army in filming of the 3rd two-hour-long episode about the historic Battle of Borodino against the Napoleon's invasion, making it the largest battle scene ever filmed. Guerre et paix (1966) won the 1969 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.
Skobtseva was designated People's Artist of Russia (1974) and also received awards at Russian and international film festivals, including two awards at the Cannes. Her natural beauty and effortless style won her numerous accolades form international critics. She was chosen by the Soviet Union's communist government to represent the country at various film festivals across the world. Irina Skobtseva was married to actor and director Sergey Bondarchuk and the couple had two children, Alyona Bondarchuk and Fedor Bondarchuk. Irina Skobtseva was teaching at Moscow State Film Institute (VGIK) during the 70s; she semi-retired in the 1980s, but has made some appearances on television since. She is living in Moscow, Russia.
- IMDb Mini Biography By: Steve Shelokhonov
People's Artist of RSFSR. [1974]
(November 26, 1965) Honored Artist of RSFSR.
Married to Sergey Bondarchuk (1959 - 20 October 1994) ( 2 children)
Mother of the late Alyona Bondarchuk and Fedor Bondarchuk with Sergey Bondarchuk.
Grandmother of Konstantin Kryukov.