Born in 1984, USA
Odin Lund BIRON
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Один Ланд БАЙРОН
Odin Lund BIRON
From filmography
2022 - Zhena Tchaikovskogo (Жена Чайковского) by Kirill SEREBRENNIKOV [fiction, 143 mn]
2020 - 16/8 (16/8) by Sasha PARACELS [fiction, short film]
2019 - Troitsa (Троица) by Yan GE [fiction, 90 mn]
2010 - Interny (Интерны) by Zaur BOLOTAEV , Maksim PEZHEMSKY [fiction, TV serial, 25 mn]

Born in Duluth, MN, USA on the beautiful shores of Lake Superior, at the age of twenty Odin traveled to Russia to train at the Moscow Art Theater School-Studio (MXAT) for three months and ended up staying in Moscow for fifteen years. Graduated from MXAT with honors in 2009, one of only two Americans and a handful of foreigners to have ever graduated from the traditional (Russian-language) acting program.
Awarded the Golden Leaf for his MXAT performance of Hamlet (three years after beginning his studies of the Russian language), Odin immediately began working at Moscow's Satyricon Theater as a troupe actor. Two years of work at the Satyricon was followed by a five-year run as beloved intern Phil Richards on Russia's most popular sitcom "Interns".
In 2013, an unexpected invitation from renowned director Kirill Serebrennikov ("The Student", "Leto", "Petrov's Flu") to play the lead role of Pavel Ivanovich Chichikov in his staging of Nikolai Gogol's "Dead Souls" lead to eight prolific years as a troupe actor at Russia's acclaimed avant-garde theater - Gogol Center: more than ten premieres, two Golden Mask nominations for best actor and multiple international festivals, including two residencies at Festival d'Avignon ("Dead Souls" 2016, "Outside" 2019). In 2022 Odin will debut in his first lead role in a feature film: Serebrennikov's upcoming (and still secret!) film about the life of a major Russian cultural icon.