Born in 1961, USSR (Russia)
Aleksandr NEGREBA
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Александр НЕГРЕБА
Aleksandr NEGREBA
From filmography
1991 - za dien do (За день до...) [fiction, 119 mn]
1993 - Meshty idiota (Мечты идиота) by Vasili PICHUL [fiction, 92 mn]
1992 - Dyuba - Dyuba (Дюба-Дюба) by Aleksandr KHVAN [fiction, 140 mn]
1991 - za dien do (За день до...) by Oleg BORETSKY , Aleksandr NEGREBA [fiction, 119 mn]
1988 - Malenkaya Vera (Маленькая Вера) by Vasili PICHUL [fiction, 135 mn]

Born in 1961 in Kharkov. The real name is Alekseev-Negreba. Graduated from the acting department of GITIS (1982, class of B.Ostalsky, Ye. Kozyreva). Worked at the theatre for Young Viewers in Riga, at the Moscow theatre «Malaya Dramaticheskaya Truppa» (headed by A.Titov). Works in cinema since 1988. Acted in movies «Little Vera», «Aborigine», «Nights are Dark in the Town of Sochi», «One Day Before», «Dreams of an Idiot» and others. The movie «One Day Before» is his directorial debut.

- 90-е. Кино, которое мы потеряли , Larisa MALUKOVA, 2007, Зебра Е ; 2007 г.