Born in 1937, USSR (Russia)
Vladimir LEVIN
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Владимир Моисеевич ЛЕВИН
Vladimir LEVINE
From filmography
2010 - Krutaya Rimma (Крутая Римма) [documentary, 52 mn]
1967 - Slova (Слова) [20 mn]
2010 - Krutaya Rimma (Крутая Римма) by Vladimir LEVIN [documentary, 52 mn]

Other films
2006 - Первый русский (The First Russian)
1996 - Пионерка Мэри Пикфорд (Pioneer Mary Pickford)
1987 - Музыкальная смена (Musical Change)
1983 - К своим (To Our Own)
1976 - Где ты, Багира? (Where are You, Bagira?)

Born in 1937 in Moscow. Graduated from the directing department of the VGIK (1970, workshop of educating cinema of B.Altshuller). Worked as a director of documentaries at various studios in the country (1970-1974). Since 1976 he has been a director and producer of feature films. Lectured at the directing department of the VGIK (1986-2001), at the “Cinema and TV” department of the Natalia Nesterova’s University (1995-1997). Since 1992 he has been the director of the “Palm Film” studio.