Born in USSR (Russia)
Yekaterina GOLOVNYA
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Екатерина ГОЛОВНЯ
Ekaterina GOLOVNIA
Filmography (extracts)
2012 - Nerkagi (Неркаги) [documentary, 58 mn]
2011 - Lost in The Fields (Затерявшаяся в полях) [documentary, 40 mn]
2007 - Poymat obezyanu (Поймать обезьяну) [documentary, 52 mn]
2012 - Nerkagi (Неркаги) by Yekaterina GOLOVNYA [documentary, 58 mn]
2007 - Poymat obezyanu (Поймать обезьяну) by Yekaterina GOLOVNYA [documentary, 52 mn]
2005 - Desyat zapovedey (Десять заповедей) by Georgi GABELYA [documentary, 140 mn]
2017 - Golovnya. The age of cinema. (Головня. Век кино) by Yevgeniya GOLOVNYA [documentary, 67 mn]
2016 - Heritage is a step into the future (Наследие - шаг в будущее) by Ilya MIKHAYLOV-SOBOLEVSKY [documentary, 45 mn]
2011 - Yuri Shchekochikhin. Once I Was…. (Юрий Щекочихин. Однажды я был…) by Yevgeniya GOLOVNYA [documentary, 40 mn]
2007 - Poymat obezyanu (Поймать обезьяну) by Yekaterina GOLOVNYA [documentary, 52 mn]

Other films
2012 - Пятый элемент (Fifth Element)
2010 - Третья версия Второй мировой войны (The Third version of World War II)
2007 - Легенды Тункинской Долины (The Legends of Tunkinski Valley)
2006 - Путешествие в Дудутки (Journey to Dudutki)
2000 - Ощущение века (Feeling the Century)

Awards :
Lost in The Fields :
Third Award, Internet-festival "Rossiskaya Gazeta" Dubl DV@, Different cities (Russia), 2011

Born in Moscow.
In 1995, graduated from the scriptwriters’ department of VGIK, workshop of Professor I.V. Weisfeld. Was honored with the registered award of Professor Weisfeld for the diploma script “Anatoli Golovnya and His Women”.
During her studies, worked as the Assistant Director of the “All Power to Love” film, mastered the chronicle editor’s profession (“Newest History” program, NTV channel), wrote texts for commercials. Films “Moscow. Images of Love” and “Martovshina” within the framework of the “One Hundred Films about Moscow” project were taken based on Yekaterina’s scripts.