Born 1943, USSR
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Юлий Соломонович ГУСМАН
Filmography (extracts)
2006 - Soviet Park (Парк советского периода) [fiction, 124 mn]
1981 - Ne boysya, ya s toboy (Не бойся, я с тобой!)
1978 - Dachnyy domik odnoy (Дачный домик для одной)
1977 - V odni prekrasnyy den (В один прекрасный день)
2006 - Soviet Park (Парк советского периода) from Yuli GUSMAN [fiction, 124 mn]
2006 - Soviet Park (Парк советского периода) from Yuli GUSMAN [fiction, 124 mn]

Awards :
Soviet Park :
Special Prize, Comic Film Festival "Ulybnis, Rossiya", Moscow (Russia), 2006

Director, playwright, organizer of the cinematic process, television presenter. Honoured Artist of Russia, National Actor of Azerbaijan. Born in Baku on 8 August 1943. Graduated from Baku Medical Institute (1966), postgraduate study at the Institute of Higher Medical Qualifications, Higher Courses for Scriptwriters and Directors (1972). Since 1964 participant in KVN (Club of the Cheerful and Inventive), from 1976-84 art director of the Baku Theatre of Musical Comedy, director at Bakuís Theatre of the Young Spectator, director of the film studio ìAzerbaijanfilmî. Supervised theatre productions in the US, China and Japan, and taught in the US. In 2004 directed at the Central Russian Army Theatre the musical ìMan from LaMancheî. From 1993-95 deputy of the State Duma and art director of the Central House of Cinematographers. Author and founder of the Film Academy award NIKA, other professional and awards and festivals.
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Commentaries and bibliography
- Iulii Gusman : Soviet Period Park (Park sovetskogo perioda, 2006) , Yevgeni DOBRENKO, 2007,