Born in 1975, USSR
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Filmography (extracts)
2023 - The Righteous (Праведник) from Sergey URSULIAK [fiction, 163 mn]
2023 - Feat (Подвиг) from Aleksey_6 SMIRNOV [fiction]
2022 - Onlyhuman (Просточеловек) from Yana KLIMOVA-YUSUPOVA [fiction, 117 mn]
2022 - Them (Они) from Yelena KHAZANOVA / HAZANOVA [fiction]
2021 - Manyunya v kino (Манюня в кино) from Armand MARUTYAN [fiction, 88 mn]
2020 - Petrov's Flu (Петровы в гриппе) from Kirill SEREBRENNIKOV [fiction, 145 mn]
2020 - Doctor Liza (Доктор Лиза) from Oxana KARAS [fiction, 120 mn]
2020 - Baikal. Yuma's Amazing Adventures (Байкал. Удивительные приключения Юмы) from Anastasia POPOVA [documentary, 64 mn]
2020 - Alexey Balabanov. Find Yours and Calm Down (Алексей Балабанов. Найти своих и успокоиться) from Lyudmila SNIGIREVA [documentary, 108 mn]
2020 - Klov (Клов) from Irina ELSHANSKY [animation, TV serial, 11 mn]
2018 - V. Mayakovsky (В Маяковский) from Aleksandr SHEYN [fiction, 124 mn]
2015 - Under electric clouds (Под электрическими облаками) from Aleksey GERMAN jr. [fiction, 137 mn]
2015 - Earthly Eden (Райские кущи) from Aleksandr PROSHKIN [fiction, 105 mn]
2015 - Puppet syndrome (Синдром Петрушки) from Yelena KHAZANOVA / HAZANOVA [fiction, 101 mn]
2013 - Dad (Папа) from Aleksey VOROBYOV [18 mn]
2013 - Cinemaddict (Киноман) from Andrey ANDRIANOV [12 mn]
2012 - Bread for Stalin. Stories of the dispossessed (Хлеб для Сталина. Истории раскулаченных) from Ivan SKVORTSOV [documentary, TV, 89 mn]
2011 - From Tokyo (Из Токио) from Aleksey GERMAN jr. [fiction, 10 mn]
2011 - Odin (Один) from Olesia FOKINA [documentary, 60 mn]
2010 - Elysium (Элизиум) from Andrey ESHPAJ jr. [fiction, 110 mn]
2010 - America (Америка) from João Nuno PINTO [fiction, 111 mn]
2010 - Tower (Башня) from Denis NEIMAND [TV fiction, 132 mn]
2008 - The Event (Событие) from Andrey ESHPAJ jr. [fiction, 109 mn]
2008 - The House of Sun (Дом Солнца) from Igor SUKACHOV [fiction, 110 mn]
2008 - The Ghost (Домовой) from Karen OGANESYAN [fiction, 104 mn]
2008 - The Paper Soldier (Бумажный солдат) from Aleksey GERMAN jr. [fiction, 118 mn]
2008 - The Rainbowmaker (Метеоидиот) from Nana DZHORDZHADZE [fiction, 96 mn]
2006 - Mnogotochiye (Многоточие) from Andrey ESHPAJ jr. [fiction, 103 mn]
2006 - The Sword Bearer (Меченосец) from Philip YANKOVSKY [fiction, 108 mn]
2005 - Garpastum (Гарпастум) from Aleksey GERMAN jr. [fiction, 118 mn]
2005 - Grecheskie kanikuly (Греческие каникулы) from Vera STOROZHEVA [fiction, 100 mn]
2005 - Kazus Kukotskogo (Казус Кукоцкого)
2004 - 72 meters (72 метра) from Vladimir KHOTINENKO [fiction, 90 mn]
2001 - Lvinaya dolya (Львиная доля) from Aleksandr_2 MURATOV [fiction, 103 mn]
2001 - Sutener (Сутенер) from Andrey KRAVCHUK [52 mn]
1999 - Lunny papa (Лунный папа) from Bakhtyar KHUDOINAZAROV [fiction, 107 mn]
1999 - Ya vam bolshe ne veryu (Я Вам больше не верю)
1998 - Land of the deaf (Страна глухих) from Valery TODOROVSKY [fiction, 115 mn]
1997 - The Dancer’s Time (Время танцора) from Vadim ABDRASHITOV [fiction, 163 mn]
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Awards :
Prix des spectateurs au Festival de Sotchi pour son rôle dans Luna Papa, 2002
Special Prize, "NIKA" Prizes, Russia, 2011
Doctor Liza :
Best actress, "NIKA" Prizes, Moscow (Russia), 2021
Mnogotochiye :
Best Actress in a Supporting Role, Golden Eagle awards, Moscow (Russia), 2007
Lunny papa :
Best actress, Honfleur Russian Film Festival, Honfleur (France), 2000

Tchoulpan Khamatova was born in Kazan into an engineering family on October 1, 1975. She studied in a mathematical school, attached to the University of Kazan, then began studying economics in Kazan. A few months later she abandoned her studies to enter the Moscow Theater Art Institute (ГИТИС). Having become an actress, she played in several Moscow theaters. Her recent role on the stage of the Sovremennik Theater in the play 'A naked pioneer' (Голая пионерка) under the direction of Kirill Serebrennikov has sparked a lot of debate!

In Russia Tchoulpan Khamatova made a name for herself thanks to her first major roles in the films The Time of the Dancer by Vadim Abdrachitov and Luna papa by Bakhtier Khudoinazarov. His name is known in European Cinema thanks to the film Good Bye, Lenin

As soon as the war started, Chulpan KHAMATOVA left Russia and took refuge in Latvia.

Commentaries and bibliography
- La deuxième vie de Chulpan Khamatova, actrice russe en exil en Lettonie [L'article, réservé aux abonnés du Monde, raconte comment l'actrice, qui a publiquement déclaré qu'elle était contre la guerre en Ukraine, a émigré en Lettonie dès février 2022 et après avoir appris le letton en un temps record a obtenu le prix de la meilleure actrice de Lettonie le 23 novembre 2022] Annick COJEAN, 2024, Le Monde, 29/02/2023
- Guerre en Ukraine : une actrice russe, vue dans «Good Bye Lenin !», quitte le pays par conviction politique 2022, Le Parisien

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