Born 1944 
Vyacheslav SOROKIN
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Вячеслав СОРОКИН
Viatcheslav SOROKINE
Filmography (extracts)
1998 - Totalitarnyy roman (Тоталитарный роман) [fiction, 120 mn]
1984 - There lived a doctor (Жил-был доктор...) [fiction, 86 mn]
1979 - The Dock (Пристань) [fiction, 28 mn]

Born in 1944 in Leningrad. Graduated from the department of automation and telemechanics of the Leningrad electro-technical Institute (1967), from the department of directing at LGITMiK (1974, class of A.Musil), Higher Courses for Scriptwriters and Directors (1979, class of A.Mitta). Since 1980 he was a director at «Lenfilm» studio. Since 1991 he was director general of the audio film and video studio «A.K.V.». Director of stage performances and concerts. Since 1998 has been making TV series («Streets of Broken Lamps», «Slaughter Force», «Suspicion», «ZNATOKI are Investigating. A Pound of Gold», «Those Who Lost the Sun»…). Merited Worker of Arts of the Russian Federation (2000).

Commentaries and bibliography
- 90-е. Кино, которое мы потеряли , Larisa MALUKOVA, 2007, Зебра Е ; 2007 г.