Production designer
Born 1941, USSR (Kyrgyzstan)
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Болотбек Толенович ШАМШИЕВ
Also : ШАМШИЕВ Болот
Filmography (extracts)
1985 - Sniper (Снайпер)
1984 - The Wolf pit (Волчья яма) [fiction, 146 mn]
1979 - Early Cranes (Ранние журавли) [fiction, 96 mn]
1975 - The White Ship (Белый пароход) [fiction, 101 mn]
1971 - The Red Poppies of Issyk-Kul (Алые маки Иссык-Куля) [fiction, 100 mn]
1968 - Shot at the Karash Pass (Выстрел на перевале Караш) [fiction, 99 mn]
1979 - Early Cranes (Ранние журавли) from Bolotbek SHAMSHIEV [fiction, 96 mn]
1975 - The White Ship (Белый пароход) from Bolotbek SHAMSHIEV [fiction, 101 mn]
1968 - Shot at the Karash Pass (Выстрел на перевале Караш) from Bolotbek SHAMSHIEV [fiction, 99 mn]
1963 - Heat (Зной) from Larisa SHEPITKO [fiction, 85 mn]
Production designer
1956 - The Seekers (Искатели) from Mikhail SHAPIRO [fiction, 103 mn]

Other films
1988 - Восхождение на Фудзияму / Ascent on Fuziyama (USSR)
1983 - Волчья яма / Pitfall (USSR)
1978 - Среди людей / Among People (USSR, with A.Suyundukov)
1976 - Белый пароход / White Boat (USSR)
1974 - Эхо любви / The Echo of Love (USSR)
1972 - Алые маки Иссык-Куля / The Scarlet Poppies of Issyk-Kul (USSR)
1968 - Выстрел на перевале Караш / A Shot at the Karash Pass (USSR)
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Awards :
People's Artist of Kirghizia, 1975
People's Artist of the USSR, 1991
Early Cranes :
Prize of the magazine "Zvezda Vostoka", IFF of Asian and African Countries in Tashkent, 1980 Main Prize to the best feature movie, All-Union Film Festival in Dushanbe, 1980

Born on January 12, 1941 in Frunze.
Graduated from the department of directing at VGIK (1965, workshop of popular science film of A.Zguridi).
In 1960 directed the documentary chronicles "Manaschi", "Shepherd". In 1964-1990 was a director at "Kirghizfilm" studio. In 1990 headed the film company "Salamalik" in Bishkek.
Since 1994 was chairman of the organizational committee of cultural and sport events with the Kirghiz government. The author and producer of the project of the thousand-mile-race along the Great Silk Road: "Ashkhabad -Tales" (1995). In 1998 was minister of sports and tourism of Kyrgyzstan. Winner of the Lenin Komsomol Award of Kirghizia (1969, for the movie "A Shot at the Karash Pass"); winner of the State Award of the USSR (1977, for the movie "White Boat").