Born 1947, USSR (Russia)
Aleksandr GALIN
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Александр Михайлович ГАЛИН
Aleksandr GALINE
Filmography (extracts)
2010 - The Casualty (Потерпевший) [fiction, 104 mn]
2003 - Photo (Фото) [fiction, 90 mn]
1993 - Casanova’s Cape / Casanova's Coat (Плащ Казановы) [fiction, 97 mn]
2010 - The Casualty (Потерпевший) from Aleksandr GALIN [fiction, 104 mn]
2003 - Photo (Фото) from Aleksandr GALIN [fiction, 90 mn]
1999 - The Wedding (Свадьба) from Pavel LUNGIN [fiction, 99 mn]
1980 - The Last Escape (Последний побег) from Leonid MENAKER [fiction, 92 mn]
2021 - Thank you, army photographer ! (Спасибо, фотограф армейский!) from Galina YEVTUSHENKO [documentary, 31 mn]
2010 - The Casualty (Потерпевший) from Aleksandr GALIN [fiction, 104 mn]
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Awards :
Casanova’s Cape / Casanova's Coat :
Best first film, Open Russian Film Festival Kinotavr, Sochi (Russia), 1994

Born in 1947 in village Alekseevka, Rostov region.
Graduated from the department of directing of the Leningrad Institute of Culture (workshop of V.Galitsky, 1973).
Author of the plays «Wall», «Roof», «Retro», «Eastern Stand», «Stars in the Morning Sky», «Toast Master», «... Sorry», «Czech Photo», «Contest», «Anomaly», «Accompanist», «Rendezvous in the Sea of Rains», «Jinrikisha», «Dream of the Heroine». His plays have been translated into many languages of the world, staged in Russian and foreign theatres. Directed the plays «Hole» (theatre of O.Tabakov), «Czech Photo» (“Lenkom”), «Anomaly», «Accompanist», «Jinrikisha» («Sovremennik»), «Contest», «Companions» («Et cetera» theatre), «Dream of the Heroine» (“Maly” Theatre). Has worked in cinema since 1978. Has written scripts to more than 10 films including including «The House is Being Built» by P.Kogan and P.Mostovoy (1978), «Engineer Graphito» by G.Kazansky (1979), «The Last Escape» by L.Menaker (1980), «I Offer my Hand And My Heart to You» by V.Sokolov (1988), «Ring» by V.Martynov (1991).
Made his debut in cinema in 1993 with the movie «Kazanova's Coat».