Born 1925, USSR (Georgia)
Died 2019
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Марлен Мартынович ХУЦИЕВ
Filmography (extracts)
2015 - Zastava Il'iča – Chernoviki, vyrezki, varianty (Застава Ильича – Черновики, Вырезки, Варианты) [documentary, 25 mn]
2013 - In Perpetuum Infinitum (In Perpetuum Infinitum) [documentary, 2 mn]
2011 - Nevechernyaya (Невечерняя) [fiction, full length film]
2001 - People of 1941 (Люди 41 го года) [documentary, 53 mn]
1991 - Infinitas (Бесконечность) [fiction, 220 mn]
1983 - Epilogue (Послесловие) [fiction, 98 mn]
1970 - It Was in May (Был месяц май) [fiction, 108 mn]
1966 - July Rain (Июльский дождь) [fiction, 109 mn]
1964 - I am Twenty (Застава Ильича / Мне двадцать лет) [fiction, 175 mn]
1958 - The Two Fedors (Два Федора) [fiction, 89 mn]
1956 - Spring on Zarechnaya Street (Весна на Заречной улице) [fiction, 96 mn]
1950 - Gradostroiteli (Градостроители)
2011 - Nevechernyaya (Невечерняя) from Marlen KHUTSIEV [fiction, full length film]
2001 - People of 1941 (Люди 41 го года) from Marlen KHUTSIEV [documentary, 53 mn]
1991 - Infinitas (Бесконечность) from Marlen KHUTSIEV [fiction, 220 mn]
1983 - Epilogue (Послесловие) from Marlen KHUTSIEV [fiction, 98 mn]
1966 - July Rain (Июльский дождь) from Marlen KHUTSIEV [fiction, 109 mn]
1964 - I am Twenty (Застава Ильича / Мне двадцать лет) from Marlen KHUTSIEV [fiction, 175 mn]
1978 - The Holiday (В день праздника) from Piotr TODOROVSKY [fiction, 87 mn]
1969 - Shine On, My Star (Гори гори, моя звезда) from Aleksandr MITTA [fiction, 94 mn]
1968 - Intervention (Интервенция) from Gennadi POLOKA [fiction, 107 mn]
1974 - I Do Believe (И все-таки я верю) from Mikhail ROMM [documentary, 120 mn]
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Awards :
Artiste du peuple de l’Union Soviétique, 1986
Décoré de l’ordre du mérite de la Patrie, 1996
Lauréat du « Bélier d’or »,1995 Prix Nika pour sa contribution au cinéma, 2005
Infinitas :
Special Prize, Berlin International Film Festival : Berlinale, Berlin (Germany), 1992
I am Twenty :
Special Jury prize, Venice International Film Festival, Venice (Italy), 1965
Spring on Zarechnaya Street :
Prix au Festival de Moscou, 1957

Born: 4 October 1925 in Tbilisi, Georgian SSR, Soviet Union, now Georgia Graduating from VGIK in 1952, Khutsiyev was among the first wave of filmmakers to emerge during the Soviet thaw. He remains one of Russia's greatest living directors. After the critical and popular success of Spring on Zarechnaya Street, his next major film-- eventually titled I am Twenty--underwent years of state-ordered rewrites, re-edits, and reshoots. Complicating the thaw's liberal reputation, Khrushchev himself ordered some of the changes. While not as frank or experimental as originally intended, the completed film is still a deeply sympathetic contemporary drama. It won a Special Jury Prize at the Venice Film Festival. He made a number of notable films in the sixties and seventies, particularly July Rain, and also worked for Soviet television. He returned to feature filmmaking in 1992 with Infinity, which won several awards at the Berlin Film Festival, and he's currently working on a film based on the lives of Tolstoy and Chekhov.
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