Born 1938, USSR (Russia)
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Дмитрий Алексеевич ДОЛИНИН
Filmography (extracts)
2010 - Nobody Will Come Back (Никто не придет назад) [fiction, 36 mn]
1994 - Golden Ring, Bouquet of Red Roses (Колечко золотое, букет из алых роз) [fiction, 100 mn]
1991 - The Myth of Leonid (Миф о Леониде) [fiction, 90 mn]
1989 - The Escaping August (Убегающий август) [fiction, 78 mn]
2010 - Nobody Will Come Back (Никто не придет назад) from Dmitry DOLININ [fiction, 36 mn]
2004 - Krasnoe nebo. chernyy sneg (Красное небо. Черный снег) from Valery OGORODNIKOV [fiction, 100 mn]
2000 - One's Own Shadow (Собственная тень) from Olga NARUTSKAIA [fiction, 76 mn]
1981 - Priklyucheniya Sherloka Holmsa. Sobaka Baskerviley (Приключения Шерлока Холмса. Собака Баскервилей) from Igor MASLENNIKOV [TV fiction, 154 mn]
1977 - A declaration of Love (Объяснение в любви) from Ilya AVERBAKH [fiction, 135 mn]
1976 - Klyuch bez prava peredachi (Ключ без права передачи) from Dinara ASANOVA [fiction, 99 mn]
1975 - Somebody else's letters (Чужие письма) from Ilya AVERBAKH [fiction, 93 mn]
1974 - Woodpeckers don't get headaches (Не болит голова у дятла) from Dinara ASANOVA [fiction, 72 mn]
1970 - The Biginning / The Debut (Начало) from Gleb PANFILOV [fiction, 91 mn]
1970 - Seven Brides ofLance-corporal Zbruyev (Семь невест ефрейтора Збруева) from Vitali MELNIKOV [fiction, 97 mn]
1969 - My Mammy got married (Мама вышла замуж) from Vitali MELNIKOV [fiction, 85 mn]
1967 - There is no Passage through Fire (About Tanya Tyotkina and her Drawings) (В огне брода нет) from Gleb PANFILOV [fiction, 95 mn]
1966 - The Republic of SHKID (Республика ШКИД) from Gennadi POLOKA [fiction, 103 mn]

Other films
1990 - Мы странно встретились (We Met in a Strange Way)
1987 - Виктория (Viktoria)
1986 - Сентиментальное путешествие на картошку (Sentimental Journey to Harvest Potatoes)
1980 - Три года (Three Years)

Born in 1938 in Leningrad. Graduated from the department of cinematography at VGIK (1961, workshop of A.Galperin). Since 1961 worked at "Lenfilm" studio. Was director of photography of more than 30 feature films including "Republic ShKID" (1966), "No Path Through Fire" (1967), "The Beginning" (1970), "Woodpeckers Don't Get Head-aches» (1974), "The Key That Should Not Be Handed On" (1976), "Other People's Letters" (1975), "Declaration of Love" (1979), "Faria-tiev's Fantasies" (1979), "Voice" (1982), "Red Sky. Black Snow" (2005). Debuted as a director in 1980 with the movie "Three Years" (with S.Lyubshin). Since 1992 teaches a workshop of cinematography at the StPetersburg University of Cinema and TV. Professor. Head of the department of cinematography. Since the 1970s participated in several exhibitions of art photography.
Merited Worker of Arts of Russian Federation.