Born 1919, Russia
Died 2001
Aleksandr VOLODIN
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Александр Моисеевич ВОЛОДИН
Aleksandr VOLODINE
Filmography (extracts)
1967 - The Incident Which Nobody Noticed (Происшествие, которого никто не заметил) [fiction, 66 mn]
1993 - Nastya (Настя) by Georgi DANELIYA [fiction, 89 mn]
1990 - Unizhenye i oskorblennye (Униженные и оскорбленные) by Andrey ESHPAJ jr. [fiction, 106 mn]
1989 - Mother of Jesus (Мать Иисуса) by Konstantin KHUDYAKOV [documentary, 91 mn]
1982 - Tears Dripped (Слезы капали) by Georgi DANELIYA [fiction, 89 mn]
1979 - The Autumn Marathon (Осенний марафон) by Georgi DANELIYA [fiction, 94 mn]
1974 - Dochki-materi (Дочки-матери) by Sergey GERASIMOV [fiction, 101 mn]
1974 - Autumn bells (Осенние колокола) by Vladimir GORIKKER [78 mn]
1967 - Conjurer (Фокусник) by Pyotr TODOROVSKY [fiction, 79 mn]
1967 - The Incident Which Nobody Noticed (Происшествие, которого никто не заметил) by Aleksandr VOLODIN [fiction, 66 mn]
1965 - Someone Is Ringing, Open the Door (Звонят, откройте дверь) by Aleksandr MITTA [fiction, 79 mn]
1965 - Adventure of a Dentist (Похождения зубного врача) by Elem KLIMOV [fiction, 82 mn]

Real surname Lifschitz.
Dramatist, script-writer and poet.
After finishing school he studied for a while at the Moscow Institute of Aviation and worked as a teacher in the countryside. In 1939 he enrolled at the threatrical faculty of GITIS but two months later was conscripted into the army. After he was discharged Volodin didn’t return to GITIS. He enrolled at the screenplay faculty of VGIK from which he graduated in 1949.
In 1949-1956 he worked as a film editor and script-writer at the Lennauchfilm studio, in 1956-1957 he worked as a film editor at the Lenfilm studio. He was a member of the studio’s art council. In 1956 he debuted in playwriting with the play «Factory Girl». It was however the drama «Five Evenings» (1959) that brought him real success. In 1962 Volodin wrote his first film screenplay for the short film «Last Summer». In 1965 they released the first full-length film with his screenplay «The Girl and the Bugler», which won the «Golden Lion of San Marco» at the International children’s film festival in Venice in 1966.