Born 1946, USSR
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Юрий Борисович МАМИН
Filmography (extracts)
2008 - Don t think about white monkeys (Не думай про белых обезьян) [fiction, 120 mn]
1998 - Gorko! (Горько!) [fiction]
1997 - Happy New Year, Eldar Alekandrovich (С Новым годом, Эльдар Александрович!) [TV film]
1994 - Rain in the Ocean (Дожди в океане) [fiction, 76 mn]
1993 - Window to Paris (Окно в Париж) [fiction, 120 mn]
1990 - Sideburns (Бакенбарды) [fiction, 94 mn]
1988 - The fountain (Фонтан) [fiction, 104 mn]
1986 - The Neptune Festival (Праздник Нептуна) [fiction, 44 mn]
1982 - I Wish You (Желаю вам) [fiction, 26 mn]
1981 - Queue (Очередь) [short film]
1980 - Alter ego (Альтер эго) [8 mn]
2008 - Don t think about white monkeys (Не думай про белых обезьян) from Yuri MAMIN [fiction, 120 mn]
1998 - Gorko! (Горько!) from Yuri MAMIN [fiction]
1993 - Window to Paris (Окно в Париж) from Yuri MAMIN [fiction, 120 mn]
1990 - Imitator (Имитатор) from Oleg FIALKO [fiction, 96 mn]
1982 - I Wish You (Желаю вам) from Yuri MAMIN [fiction, 26 mn]
1980 - Alter ego (Альтер эго) from Yuri MAMIN [8 mn]
1998 - Gorko! (Горько!) from Yuri MAMIN [fiction]
1993 - Window to Paris (Окно в Париж) from Yuri MAMIN [fiction, 120 mn]
1990 - Sideburns (Бакенбарды) from Yuri MAMIN [fiction, 94 mn]
1988 - The fountain (Фонтан) from Yuri MAMIN [fiction, 104 mn]
1998 - Gorko! (Горько!) from Yuri MAMIN [fiction]
1993 - Window to Paris (Окно в Париж) from Yuri MAMIN [fiction, 120 mn]
1986 - The Neptune Festival (Праздник Нептуна) from Yuri AFANASYEV , Yuri MAMIN , Natalia SHILOK [fiction, 44 mn]
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Awards :
Don t think about white monkeys :
First prize, Rabat International Film Festival, Rabat (Morocco), 2009
Prize Cine-Club Federation of Russia, Russian program : new feature films films, Moscow International Film Festival (MIFF), Moscow (Russia), 2008
Window to Paris :
Bélier d'or du meilleur film russe en 1994
Prix "Kinochoc" de la meilleure réalisation à Anapa, 1993
Rain in the Ocean :
Prix spécial du jury au Festival Kinoshock, Anapa, 1994 Prix Nika du meilleur son, 1994

Mamin Yuri Borisovich Honoured Art Worker of the Russian Federation
The Fountain Fund`s President and film director Yuri Mamin is the only person in Russia who has Chaplin`s Golden Stick. This award he received from Oona Chaplin, the widow of genial Charlie Chaplin, in Vevey, Switzerland where Chaplin is buried.
He was born in Leningrad in 1946, May 8. He graduated from the Leningrad State Institute of Theatre, Music and Cinematography in Leningrad in 1970 from the course headed by Prof. L. Makariev. Yuri Mamin worked as a stage director in the city of Velikie Luki, and later in the Leningrad Maly Drama Theatre.

In 1976 – 1979 he worked as a director of «Lenconcert», and as an assistant director (1976-1979) and a second director on the film «Widows»(1976), «Jump from the Roof» (1977), «Summer Trip to the Sea» (1978), «Sergei Ivanovitch is Retiring» (1980), «Powder» (1985).
In 1982, Yuri Mamin graduated from the Higher State course of Script Writers and Film Directors where he studied at Riazanov`s workshop. Success came to him with the film «Neptune Holiday» which immediately put him in the row of leading comedy play writers. «Neptune Holiday» received several professional awards, including «The Golden Ducat» in 1986 in Manheim, and the main prize - a statuette of Charlie Chaplin in 1987 in Gabrovo. Other works by Mamin also received a warm welcome from the critics and the audience.

The Fountain Fund was created in 1993 with the purpose of producing the project «Window to Paris». The Fountain Fund was created with the support of France and it was Madame Mitterand who gave the fund its name because she loved the film «Fountain» by Yuri Mamin.
The «Window to Paris» became a great creative achievement; it received the «Golden Oven» award as best comedy of 1994 and the «Golden Ostap» award. The role of Nina Usatova became one of the best film works of the actress.
Yuri Mamin finished the film «Rains in the Ocean» after the death of the director who had started the filming, Victor Aristov. In 1998, Mamin launched his own film own «Gorko!» (Wedding Kisses). In 1994 Yuri Mamin staged a play in St. Petersburg («Theater On the Liteiny») called «The Kremlin Chimes or Come and See us Later...» by A. Tigay. Since 1995, Mamin worked on TV doing an entertaining educative programs «From Forte to Piano» and «Chameleon».
From 2000 through to 2003, the Fountain Fund was producing Yuri Mamin`s sensational art-house TV series called “Grim Tales from Russia» which was a satiric portrayal of contemporary Russia. Initially it was a paraphrase of American «X-files”. Now the series of «Grim Tales from Russia» are prepared for distribution on DVD in Russia and other countries worldwide.
In 2008, the Fountain Fund completed the full-length feature «Don`t Think About White Monkeys».
Yuri Mamin is President of the Film Company “FountainCinema” Inc. established in the USA.
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