Born 1947 
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Георгий Александрович НЕГАШЕВ
Filmography (extracts)
2017 - Letters from war (Письма с войны) [documentary, 25 mn]
2010 - Last Dolls' Game (Последняя игра в куклы) [fiction, 90 mn]
2021 - Where do Dads Go (Куда уходят папы) from Anna KHABAROVA [animation, 5 mn]
2020 - Habit (Привычка) from Aleksey KARAEV , Aleksandr RUBTSOV [animation]
2020 - Very dreadful (Самый страшный) from Pavel NIKIFOROV [animation, 8 mn]
2019 - Runmania (Бегомания) from Darya STOLBETSOVA [animation, 5 mn]
2019 - Litte Big Dream (Маленькая большая мечта) from Nina BISYARINA [animation, 5 mn]
2016 - Knopka (Кнопка) from Maksim KULIKOV [animation, 10 mn]
2014 - Giraffe (Жирафа) from Anastasia SOKOLOVA [animation, 8 mn]
2014 - Kids Time (Детское время) from Nina BISYARINA [animation, 6 mn]
2013 - Velikié reki Sibiri. Biriusa. (Великие реки Сибири. Бирюса) from Pavel FATTAKHUTDINOV [documentary, 34 mn]
2012 - Don’t Forget your Belongings When you Get off (При выходе не забываете свои вещи...) from Nina BISYARINA [animation, 5.4 mn]
2010 - Last Dolls' Game (Последняя игра в куклы) from Georgi NEGASHEV [fiction, 90 mn]

Other films
1998 - Последний король симеизского пляжа (Last King of Semeiz Beach), doc.
1991 - Бенефис сантехника Смирнова (One-man Show of Plumbing Specialist Smirnov), doc.
1989 - Новые времена (New Times), doc.
1988 - За белой дверью (Behind the White Door), doc.
1984 - Колыбельная с куклой (Lullaby with Doll), doc.
1979 - Последнее амплуа Олега Юртайкина (Last Role of Oleg Yurtaikin), doc.

Awards :
Last Dolls' Game :
First prize, Cinema for children, International Film Festival of the Commonwealth Countries "Moscow Premiere", Moscow (Russia), 2011

Georgy Negashev (1947) graduated from the Cultural Institute in former Leningrad, then began working as a TV director in current Ekaterinburg, where he later became head of the movie studio. He is primarily known as a producer and director of a number of documentaries, and he also heads the Ekaterinburg documentary film festival. Playing With Dolls (2010) is his feature-length film debut.