Born 1938, USSR
Died 1980
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Filmography (extracts)
1988 - I don't like... (Я не люблю...) from Piotr SOLDATENKOV [documentary, 64 mn]
1979 - The Meeting Place Can't Be Changed (Место встречи изменить нельзя) from Stanislav GOVORUKHIN [362 mn]
1976 - Tale of How Tsar Peter Married off His Negro / How Tsar Peter Found a Bride for his Blackamoor (Сказ про то, как царь Петр арапа женил) from Aleksandr MITTA [fiction, 101 mn]
1973 - A Bad Good Person / The Duel (Плохой хороший человек) from Iosif KHEIFITS [fiction, 100 mn]
1969 - Synovya ukhodyat v boy (Сыновья уходят в бой) from Viktor TUROV [fiction]
1969 - Dangerous Tours (Опасные гастроли) from Georgi YUNGVALD-KHILKEVICH [fiction, 87 mn]
1968 - Two Comrades Were Serving (Служили два товарища) from Yevgeni KARELOV [fiction, 98 mn]
1968 - Intervention (Интервенция) from Gennadi POLOKA [fiction, 107 mn]
1967 - The War under the Roofs (Война под крышами) from Viktor TUROV [fiction, 100 mn]
1967 - Brief Encounters /Short Encounters (Короткие встречи) from Kira MURATOVA [fiction, 96 mn]
1966 - Vertical (Вертикаль) from Boris DUROV , Stanislav GOVORUKHIN [fiction, 73 mn]
1966 - Ya rodom iz detstva (Я родом из детства) from Viktor TUROV [fiction, 105 mn]
1977 - Viktor Krokhin's Second Attempt (Вторая попытка Виктора Крохина) from Igor SHESHUKOV [fiction, 98 mn]
1971 - One of Us (Один из нас) from Gennadi POLOKA [fiction, 104 mn]
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Vladimir Vysotsky was born in Moscow to a senior officer father of Jewish ancestry and a Russian mother, a German interpreter. In December 1946, his parents divorced. After a few years in the GDR, he returned to Moscow and began an acting career in 1959 and entered the Taganka theater in 1964.
At the same time, he began to compose poems and songs, about people's daily lives and their problems without any allegiance to Soviet ideology. He records his songs and the cassettes will quickly be copied and circulated from hand to hand. These songs are not authorized by the government and the singer will only be able to perform in clandestine concerts. He would have a brilliant acting career, first in the theater then in the cinema.
In 1969, Vysotsky married the French actress of Russian origin Marina Vlady. Thanks to his marriage, Vyssotsky had the opportunity to leave the USSR, to go to France, the United States and Mexico in April 1977, and to record a few records there.
Vysotsky died of a heart attack in Moscow in 1980 at the age of 42.