Author : Richard TAYLOR
Edition : British Film Institute, 2002
ISBN 0851709168, 9780851709161
87 pages
Langue : English
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Period : 1926 - 1928
'October' (1927) was Sergei Eisenstein's third completed feature film. It is both a testament to Eisenstein's technical genius and one of the most remarkable works of propaganda cinema. In virtuoso and indelible sequences such as the storming of the Winter Palace, Eisenstein recreated the 1917 October Revolution as a heroic spectacle, thus furnishing the fledgling Soviet republic with its founding myth. In his analysis of 'October', Richard Taylor asks to what extent the film, commissioned to mark the tenth anniversary of the Revolution, can lay claim to being 'authentic' history. He then examines October's relationship to the politics of the period, particularly its contribution to reinforcing the cult of Lenin, developing the emergent cult of Stalin, and eliminating Trotsky from official history. In aesthetic terms 'October' vividly realised Eisenstein's theory of 'intellectual montage'; Taylor explains both the theory and its application before situating 'October' in the wider context of Eisenstein's career.
Subjects : Avant-garde, cinema and history, Silent movies,
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