Eisenstein Rediscovered
Authors : Ian CHRISTIE , Richard TAYLOR
Edition : Routledge, 1993
ISBN 0203991486, 9780203991480
280 pages
Langue : English
Site / Google : http://books.google.co.uk/ ...
Period : 1898 - 1948
In Eisenstein Rediscovered Ian Christie and Richard Taylor present the first true East-West symposium on Eisenstein with an unparalleled diversity of views and methodologies. Two newly discovered texts by Eisenstein are here translated fro the first time, and all the contributors make extensive use of material only recently available - variant scripts, drawings, diaries and other writings - to probe behind the familiar facade. The `new\' Eisenstein that emerges is in all respects a more engaging and contemporary figure than is traditionally perceived, his wit, eroticism and exlectic passions defining a distinctively modern sensibility whose rediscovey is long overdue.
Subjects : Avant-garde, cinema history, cinema theory, directors, Silent movies,
Personnes associées : Sergey EISENSTEIN,