1997, 110mn 
Colour, documentary
Da, dauny ili Pokhod za zolotymi ptitsami
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Да, дауны, или Поход за золотыми птицам


 Yes, The Down Syndrome Sufferers or The Quest for Golden Birds

 Oui, victimes du Down Syndrome, ou la recherche des oiseaux d'or

Directed by : Boris YUKHANANOV (Борис ЮХАНАНОВ)
Companies : CINE FANTOM
format : Beta

Plot synopsis
With a microphone, and looking at the camera as if it is a real creature that needs warmth and compassion, the Downs – Sasha, Misha and Lyosha think about the TV, as they see it and as we will never be able to see it. The Downs play on TV: they make and give interviews, prepare reports from the reserve of their own souls. The report turns in a confession, the confession into a talk show. The Downs get angry with one another, make peace, fall in love, lose their friendship – all this lasts a century, a century not longer than a minute, a minute longer than a life time. During all the time the director is there with his demiurge smile, his puppeteer hands and his strange desire to become a Down and to earn the right to comment the world.
This film is a part of Boris Yukhnanov’s project ‘Downs Comment the World’.

Selected in the following festivals :
- Moscow International Film Festival (MIFF), Moscow (Russia), 2011