Russia, 2010, 12mn 
Colour, fiction
Slabyy Rot Front
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Слабый Рот Фронт


 Weak Rot Front

 Faible Rot Front

Directed by : Viktor ALIMPIEV (Виктор АЛИМПИЕВ)
Companies : Regina Gallery
WORLD SALES: Regina Gallery 1/6, 4th Syromyatnichesky pereulok 105120 Moscow - Russian Federation Tel. +7 4952281330 Fax +7 4952281332

Note :
Experimental film without dialogues

Plot synopsis
The action takes place at an intersection, on a “bend”. The actors do some actions which look like they are measuring, testing etc. At the end of each “verse” one character lifts the other – like a glass or banner – and holds him (her) for a while – long enough to become tired. Then the other character slightly bends the weary fingers of the first character, but not completely. The palm of the first character takes the form of an “unfinished” fist or a “weak” Red-Front salute. This “weak Red-Front” is the main image, the main appearance in the work. It is the subject of their research.

In his videoworks Victor Alimpiev combines elements of diverse artistic genres like painting, theatre, dance and music with the moving image. The human substance that seldom performs as individuals but mostly as a group of people in Alimpiev works, becomes a moldable mass formed to a living sculpture, which reacts to its surrounding space. The movements of the mass in the space are defined by the repetition of monotone gestures, whose function seems familiar, but are subordinated to the dramaturgy of the moving image and are isolated from its context.
'What is important is that the immobility of a sculpture is a tense immobility, the eternal moment of the sculpture is something slightly stretched, like trembling. For example, lyrical trembling, trembling before discomfort.'

Selected in the following festivals :
- Venice International Film Festival, Venice (Italy), 2010