Russia, 2009, 48mn 
Colour, documentary
Yuri Oleshka. Nickname 'The writer'
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Юрий Олеша. По кличке 'писатель'


 Youri Olecha. Surnommé 'l'écrivain'

 Yuri Olesha. Po klichke 'picatel'

Directed by : Roman LIBEROV (Роман ЛИБЕРОВ)
Writing credits : Roman LIBEROV (Роман ЛИБЕРОВ)
Armen DZHIGARKHANYAN (Армен ДЖИГАРХАНЯН) ...reads text
Aleksandr SUKHININ (Александр СУХИНИН) ...Brodsky
Cinematography : Denis MADYSHEV (Денис МАДЫШЕВ)
Produced by : Marya_2 IVANOVA SURAE (Мария_2 ИВАНОВА СУРАЕ)
Animation : Nastia GOLOVAN (Настя ГОЛОВАНЬ)
Production : TV company Proeкt TV
World sales Kultura TV Channel (

Plot synopsis
This is a partially animated documentary film about the life of Yuri Olesha, a talented and for some time much celebrated Soviet writer who is most notable for the fairy tale «Three Fat Men». This film is not a lecture on literary criticism, not is it the analysis of the creative heritage of the writer. The narrative is not focused on the misery of an alcohol dependant intellectual, as is so often presented in archive images. Similarly it is not interested in the various love affairs that he became tangled up in. The film nurtures the diaries of Yuri Olesha within a creative cinematic experience. This amalgamation is an attempt to represent the inner turmoil of a gifted person, who died in literature 30 years before his physical death.

Selected in the following festivals :
- Open Festival of the Documentaries “Russia”, Yekaterinburg (Russia), 2010
- International Film Festival Tarkovski, Ivanovo (Russia), 2010