Viktor TITOV
Виктор ТИТОВ
Viktor TITOV
USSR, 1975, 98mn 
Colour, TV fiction
Zdravstvuyte, ya vasha tyotya!
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Здравствуйте, я ваша тётя!


 Hello, I’m Your Aunt!

 Bonjour, je suis votre tante!

Directed by : Viktor TITOV (Виктор ТИТОВ)
Writing credits : Viktor TITOV (Виктор ТИТОВ)
Armen DZHIGARKHANYAN (Армен ДЖИГАРХАНЯН) ...the judge Krigs
Valentin GAFT (Валентин ГАФТ)
Aleksandr KALYAGIN (Александр КАЛЯГИН) ...the aunt
Mikhail KOZAKOV (Михаил КОЗАКОВ) ...Colonel Francis Chesneï
Mikhail LYUBEZNOV (Михаил ЛЮБЕЗНОВ) ...Charlie
Tamara NOSOVA (Тамара НОСОВА) ...Donna Rosa
Oleg SHKLOVSKY (Олег ШКЛОВСКИЙ) ...Jacky Chesney
Cinematography : Georgi RERBERG (Георгий РЕРБЕРГ)
Production design : Viktor PETROV (Виктор ПЕТРОВ)
Music : Vladislav KAZENIN (Владислав КАЗЕНИН)
Sound : Tatyana FRADIS (Татьяна ФРАДИС)
Companies : Ekran

Plot synopsis
Somewhere in 1920s England a homeless Babbs Babberley (Aleksandr Kaliagin) with a penchant for acting is mistakenly pursued by policemen. They suspect that he has stolen a suitcase of a famous, very wealthy Brazilian widow, Donna Rosa D’Alvatorez (Tamara Nosova), who recently returned to her homeland. Discovering that the suitcase is full of women's clothes, Babbs quickly dons them, trying to put the policemen off his trace. They are still in pursuit, however, so he runs into a house where, accidentally, this very woman, Donna Rosa, is expected by her young nephew, his best friend, and an assortment of other characters. The young men need the influence of the wealthy widow to persuade the guardian of the two women they love to let them get married. The guardian (Armen Dzhigarkhanian) seems not to be averse to marrying into money himself. There is also the old brave Colonel (Mikhail Kozakov), desperately in need of money, and therefore, of a wealthy wife. The pretend aunt is caught in between all these conflicting interests while secretly longing for his/her own true love―a beautiful young girl (Tat'iana Vedeneeva) he/she happened to glimpse on the street and in company with the real aunt from Brazil. The real aunt, of course, appears in the house as well... This trifling farce makes for one of the funniest and most popular Soviet comedies of the Stagnation era.
Natalia Ryabchikova,

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Selected in the following festivals :
- Russian film symposium. University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh (USA), 2012