Russia, 2008, 100mn 
Colour, fiction
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 Shultes / Choultes


Directed by : Bakur BAKURADZE (Бакур БАКУРАДЗЕ)
Writing credits : Bakur BAKURADZE (Бакур БАКУРАДЗЕ)
Timur BOKANCHA (Тимур БОКАНЧА) ...Gricha
Gela CHITAVA (Гела ЧИТАВА) ...Choultes
Liubov FIRSOVA (Любовь ФИРСОВА) ...Mère de Choultes
Ruslan GREBENKIN (Руслан ГРЕБЕНКИН) ...Kostik
Daria SEMENOVA (Дарья СЕМЕНОВA) ...Infirmière
Vadim SUSLOV (Вадим СУСЛОВ) ...Frère de Choultes
Cinematography : Marina GORNOSTAYEVA (Марина ГОРНОСТАЕВА), Nikolay VALILOV (Николай ВАВИЛОВ)
Production design : Kirill SHUVALOV (Кирилл ШУВАЛОВ)
Sound : Arseni TROITSKIY (Арсений ТРОИЦКИЙ)
Production : CTB
Film revenue in Russia : 0.023 million dollars
format : 35 mm

Awards :
Best film Open Russian Film Festival Kinotavr, Sochi (Russia), 2008
Best first film Annual award of the Guild of Historians of Cinema and Film Critics, Moscow (Russia), 2008

Plot synopsis
25-year-old Lesha Shultes, a former athlete seriously injured in a car accident, becomes a pickpocket. This is his only way of communicating with the outside world. He lives a lonely life with his sickly mother, steals, and occasionally visits his younger brother in the army. Love, friendship, and affection have no place in Shultes' life. His only encounter with human feelings occurs when he gets a video from a young woman he robbed earlier. This contact with a stranger's life and feelings leads Shultes to rash decisions.

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Selected in the following festivals :
- Film Festival Locarno, Locarno (Switzerland), 2011
- Cinéma Arenberg. Ecran total 09, Brussels (Belgium), 2009
- KinoArt Film Festival, Toronto (Canada), 2009
- Copenhagen International Film Festival / CPH PIX, Copenhagen (Denmark), 2009
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- Munich International Film Festival, Munich (Germany), 2008
- Thessaloniki International Film Festival, Tessaloniki (Greece), 2008
- Russian Film Festival, Riga (Latvia), 2008
- "NIKA" Prizes, Moscow (Russia), 2008
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- Stockholm International Film Festival, Stockholm (Sweden), 2008
- Kyiv International Film Festival 'Molodist', Kiev (Ukraine), 2008
- The Times BFI London Film Festival, London (United Kingdom), 2008

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