Василий ШУКШИН
USSR, 1965, 92mn 
Black and white, fiction
Bash cyn i brat
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Ваш сын и брат


 Bash cyn i brat

 Votre fils et frère

Directed by : Vasili SHUKSHIN (Василий ШУКШИН)
Writing credits : Vasili SHUKSHIN (Василий ШУКШИН)
Leonid REUTOV (Леонид РЕУТОВ)
Vsevolod SANAEV (Всеволод САНАЕВ)
Aleksey VANIN (Алексей ВАНИН)
Cinematography : Valery GINZBURG (Валерий ГИНЗБУРГ)
Production design : Igor BAKHMETYEV (Игорь БАХМЕТЬЕВ)
Music : Pavel CHEKALOV (Павел ЧЕКАЛОВ)
Sound : Dmitry BOGOLEPOV (Дмитрий БОГОЛЕПОВ)
Companies : Gorky Film Studio
Spectators : 15 million spectators in the USSR
Release Date in Russia : 18/04/1966
Site : IMDb

Awards :
Prix des Frères Vassiliev à Vassili Choukchine, 1967

Plot synopsis
Old Ermolay has lived all his life in one village. He has four sons. The eldest has left for Moscow, another works as a builder and does not yield to the persuasion of the eldest to move to him. The youngest one with the irrepressible character has got himself into prison and, to see his family, escapes three months prior to release.

Selected in the following festivals :
- Festival ''Cinema and literature'', Gatchina (Russia), 2019
- Sputnik nad Polska, Warsaw (Poland), 2009
- Festival "Vivat Kino Rossii", St Petersburg (Russia), 2009
- Gels et dégels, une autre histoire du cinéma soviétique (1926-1968), Paris (France), 2002