Aleksandra ANOKHINA
Александра АНОХИНА
Aleksandra ANOKHINA
Russia, 2019, 7mn 
The Troika Bird and its Passengers
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Птица-тройка и её пассажиры


 L'Oiseau-Troïka et ses Passagers

 Ptitsa-troyka i eio passazhiry

Directed by : Aleksandra ANOKHINA (Александра АНОХИНА), Mikhail SHEPILOV (Михаил ШЕПИЛОВ)
Writing credits : Aleksandra ANOKHINA (Александра АНОХИНА), Mikhail SHEPILOV (Михаил ШЕПИЛОВ)
Music : Arnold GISKIN (Арнольд ГИСКИН)
Sound : Nikolay KHITRUK (Николай ХИТРУК)
Editing : Aleksandra ANOKHINA (Александра АНОХИНА), Mikhail SHEPILOV (Михаил ШЕПИЛОВ)
Produced by : Aleksandr DOLGIN (Александр ДОЛГИН)
Animation : Aleksandra ANOKHINA (Александра АНОХИНА), Alina NATAKHINA (Алина НАТАХИНА)

Plot synopsis
In 2019 the AZ museum presented the exhibition "The Troika Bird and its Passengers". The project brought together graphic works by A. Zverev, etchings of Chagal's European modernism and a sculpture by one of the masters of contemporary art V. Kosmatchev. The creations of artists so different from the 20th century come together in one point: at one point their source of inspiration was "Dead Souls" by N. Gogol. Each of them felt the need to immerse themselves in the infinite world of Gogol's novel and to find there images corresponding to their style and their era.

Selected in the following festivals :
- Open Russian Festival of Animated Film, Suzdal (Russia), 2020