Natalya YU
Наталия Ю
Natalia YOU
Russia, 2016, 65mn 
Ya - Katya Golubeva
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Я - Катя Голубева


 I am Katya Golubeva

 Moi, Katia Goloubeva

Directed by : Natalya YU (Наталия Ю)
Writing credits : Kira IVANOVA (Кира ИВАНОВА), Natalya YU (Наталия Ю)
Cinematography : Nadezhda_2 SOLOVYEVA (Надежда_2 СОЛОВЬЕВА)
Music : Yelena FROLOVA (Елена ФРОЛОВА), Andrey MAKAREVICH (Андрей МАКАРЕВИЧ), Alfred SHNITKE (Альфред ШНИТКЕ)
Produced by : Vladimir GOLIKOV (Владимир ГОЛИКОВ), Anna GOLIKOVA (Анна ГОЛИКОВА), Natalia LISOVSKAYA (Наталья ЛИСОВСКАЯ), Natalya YU (Наталия Ю)
Other persons :
Музыка: Эрик Сати / Musique : Eric Satie
Продюсер : Лолита Битаутайте / Production : Lolita Bitautayte
Companies : Studija JU (Литва), «Студия Андрея Шемякина» (Россия) / Studija JU (Lithuania), Andrei Shemyakin’s Studio (Russie) (

Plot synopsis
During her short film career, French and European celebrity little known at home, claimed as a Lithuanian actress – Russian Katya Golubeva four times presented her films at the Cannes Film Festival. Her personal life at times resembled the life of her characters on screen. The death of Golubeva in 2011 was as tragic as deaths of her heroines in the cinema. The question arose: did the images chosen by the actress influence her fate or did Katya herself attract the roles with certain doom?

Selected in the following festivals :
- Moscow International Film Festival (MIFF), Moscow (Russia), 2017