Russia, 2015, 52mn 
Alekseï German. Semeynyï portret v interere kino
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Алексей Герман. Семейный портрет в интерьере кино.


 Aleksey Guerman. Family portrait in cinema interior

 Alekseï Guerman. Portrait de famille en intérieur cinéma

Directed by : Vitali POTEMKIN (Виталий ПОТЁМКИН)
Writing credits : Vitali POTEMKIN (Виталий ПОТЁМКИН)
Cinematography : Sergey POTEMKIN (Сергей ПОТЕМКИН)
Produced by : Vitali POTEMKIN (Виталий ПОТЁМКИН)
Companies : Студия «КИНО ПЛЮС» Санкт-петербургского ОБфонда «Международный дом «Кино плюс» / Studio "KINO PLUS" de Saint Pétersbourg

Plot synopsis
Alexey Guerman is the most mysterious director in contemporary Russia. Experimenters of this magnitude are rarities in world cinema. His innovative cinematic language and his ability to express the social corpus in a new way astonished, shocked, put off. But time has passed and films like, for example, "Trial of the Road" (1971) or "My Friend Ivan Lapchine" (1985), which his superiors put away for a long time, are now considered to be totally current. The epic "Khrustalev My Car! (1988) seems to have been filmed in the 21st century. As for the powerful fresco "Difficult to Be a God" (2013) whose language is analogous to the figurative styles of Brueghel and Bosch, it is the film of a distant future. Author and director V. Potemkin has had friends with A. Guerman for three decades and has already directed a few documentaries and TV shows about him. In this last opus, he only relies on his own exclusive materials, many of which are new. We also see rare photographs, taken from the family archives of the Guerman-Karmalita couple. The director's wife, screenwriter Svetlana Karmalita, and their son, young director Alexei Guerman, share their memories.

Selected in the following festivals :
- International Human Rights Film Festival, Moscow (Russia), 2016