Russia, 2012, 44mn 
Colour, documentary
Russkiy sposob
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Русский способ


 Russian Method

 Méthode russe

Directed by : Andrey NIKITINSKIKH (Андрей НИКИТИНСКИХ)
Writing credits : Olga_2 POGODINA (Ольга_2 ПОГОДИНА)
Cinematography : Ivan IRVACHEV (Иван ИРВАЧЕВ), Marina LEVASHOVA (Марина ЛЕВАШОВА)
Produced by : Natalia IVANOVA (Наталья ИВАНОВА)
Companies : Production Centre «Khorosho Production»

Plot synopsis
After another spiral in the history Russia returns to the questions that agitate peoples’ minds in the second half of the XIX century. Why is it necessary to struggle with unfair social system? What methods are acceptable in this struggle? What kind of future of our country do we see? As half century ago we don’t see common goal, we don’t know our way, we don’t understand where the authorities lead us. The film «Russian Method» is about Alexander Ulyanov, terrorist and member of the «Narodnaya Volya» movement, elder brother of Vladimir Ulyanov Lenin, the leader of the October revolution. But it is not simply an excursion to the history. Our film is an attempt to look at our time via the prism of the past. The story about the «Russian method» of solution of political tasks by terror and deterrence.

Selected in the following festivals :
- International Human Rights Film Festival, Moscow (Russia), 2012