Russia, 2012, 44mn 
Colour, documentary
Krest Nikona
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Крест Никона


 The Cross Of Nikon

 La Croix de Nikon

Directed by : Maksim GUREEV (Максим ГУРЕЕВ)
Writing credits : Maksim GUREEV (Максим ГУРЕЕВ)
Cinematography : Maksim GUREEV (Максим ГУРЕЕВ), Mikhail YORKIN (Михаил ЕРКИН), Yuri ZHURAVLEV (Юрий ЖУРАВЛЕВ)
Produced by : Tatyana MAKAROVA (Татьяна МАКАРОВА)
Companies : «Skrytaya Kamera» film and video studio

Plot synopsis
The history of the Cross of Patriarch Nikon, created in the image of the Cross, on which the Saviour was crucified, is in many respects symbolic for Russian history and therefore topical nowadays. Throughout the centuries we have been looking for an ideal, every time trying it on to various periods – times of Tsar Alexey Mikhailovich or events on Bolotnaya square, GULAG’s nightmare or year of 1917, demonstration on Sakharov’s avenue or ‘oprichnina’ of the times of Tsar Grozny. When shall we finally manage to differentiate a copy from the original? The picture seeks to answer this question.

Selected in the following festivals :
- International Human Rights Film Festival, Moscow (Russia), 2012