Aleksandr VOLODIN
Александр ВОЛОДИН
Aleksandr VOLODINE
USSR, 1967, 66mn 
Black and white, fiction
Proisshestviem kotorogo nikto ne zametil
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Происшествие, которого никто не заметил


 The Incident Which Nobody Noticed

 L'Incident que personne n'a remarqué

Directed by : Aleksandr VOLODIN (Александр ВОЛОДИН)
Writing credits : Aleksandr VOLODIN (Александр ВОЛОДИН)
Vitali SOLOMIN (Виталий СОЛОМИН) ...Anatoli
Zinaida SLAVINA (Зинаида СЛАВИНА) ...Katya
Georgi SHTIL (Георгий ШТИЛЬ) ...Lyosha
Yevgeni LEBEDEV (Евгений ЛЕБЕДЕВ)
Cinematography : Konstantin RYZHOV (Константин РЫЖОВ)
Production design : Aleksandr BLEK (Александр БЛЭК)
Music : Veniamin BASNER (Вениамин БАСНЕР)
Sound : Galina GAVRILOVA (Галина ГАВРИЛОВА), Yevgeni NESTEROV (Евгений НЕСТЕРОВ)
Companies : Lenfilm

Plot synopsis
Nastya, a modest, not very pretty shop girl with an unlucky love life, dreams of becoming like Botticelli’s Venus. Suddenly a miracle occurs. In her new appearance Nastya experiences many happy events, worries and disappointments which she hadn’t experienced before. Although it all takes place in her imagination she gains insights into herself and other people and starts to feel more grown up and confident somehow.
Just as with Shpalikov’s case, this is the only directorial work of an outstanding dramatist and scriptwriter. However it was unlucky to be released in a jubilee year when the 50th anniversary of the October Revolution was being celebrated with utmost pomp. Compared to the revolutionary heroes filling screens, the day-dreams of a Volodin’s shop girl looked inappropriately provoking and even seemed like defiance. Consequently the film was accused of concentrating on narrow subjects and very few copies were released to screens. Later on together with A. Adabashyan and G. Danelia, Volodin wrote a new script for the story which G. Danelia used to shoot his film «Nastya». It did not however match up to the original..
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Selected in the following festivals :
- St-Petersburg International Film Festival, St Petersburg (Russia), 2012