USSR, 1979, 29mn 
Colour, animation
Skazka skazok
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Сказка сказок


 Tale of Tales

 Le Conte des contes

Directed by : Yuri NORSTEIN (Юрий НОРШТЕЙН)
Writing credits : Yuri NORSTEIN (Юрий НОРШТЕЙН), Lyudmila PETRUSHEVSKAYA (Людмила ПЕТРУШЕВСКАЯ)
Aleksandr KALYAGIN (Александр КАЛЯГИН) ...Voix du petit loup
Cinematography : Igor SKIDAN-BOSIN (Игорь СКИДАН-БОСИН)
Production design : Francheska YARBUSOVA (Франческа ЯРБУСОВА)
Music : Mikhail MEEROVICH (Михаил МЕЕРОВИЧ)
Companies : Soyuzmultfilm

Awards :
Couronné "Meilleur film d'animation de tous les temps et de tous les pays" par l'Académie de l'Art Cinématographique et Acifa, Hollywood, Los Angeles (USA), 1984
Grand Prix au Festival international du cinéma à Lille (France), 1980
Prix de la critique internationale (FIPRESSI), 1980
1er Prix du Festival international du cinéma à Ottawa (Canada), 1980
Grand Prix du Festivla de Zagreb (Yougoslavie), 1980

Plot synopsis
Tale of Tales, like Tarkovsky's Mirror, attempts to structure itself like a human memory. Memories are not recalled in neat chronological order; instead, they are recalled by the association of one thing with another, which means that any attempt to put memory on film cannot be told like a conventional narrative. The film is thus made up of a series of related sequences whose scenes are interspersed between each other. One of the primary themes involves war, with particular emphasis on the enormous losses the Soviet Union suffered on the Eastern Front during World War II. Several recurring characters and their interactions make up a large part of the film, such as the poet, the little girl and the bull, the little boy and the crows, the dancers and the soldiers, and especially the little grey wolf (Russian: се́ренький волчо́к, syeryenkiy volchok). Another symbol connecting nearly all of these different themes are green apples (which may symbolize life, hope, or potential).
Yuriy Norshteyn wrote in Iskusstvo Kino magazine that the film is "about simple concepts that give you the strength to live."[2]
Source : http://en.wikipedia.org

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