Aleksandr SITNIKOV
Александр СИТНИКОВ
Aleksandr SITNIKOV
Russia, 2010, 38mn 
Colour, documentary
Zakat konstruktora Bakhatova
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Закат конструктора Бархатова


 Constructor Barkhatov’s Sunset

 Le Déclin du constructeur Bakhatov

Directed by : Vladimir SELEZNEV (Владимир СЕЛЕЗНЕВ), Aleksandr SITNIKOV (Александр СИТНИКОВ)
Writing credits : Vladimir SELEZNEV (Владимир СЕЛЕЗНЕВ), Aleksandr SITNIKOV (Александр СИТНИКОВ)
Music : Aleksandr SITNIKOV (Александр СИТНИКОВ)

Plot synopsis
Constructor Barkhatov’s Sunset is a video comic book, build on reediting old shootings at some Ural plant, using computer graphics and flash animation. While the first part looks a bit like crazy Soviet-style documentary propaganda, the second one brings us an alternative reality, inhabited by revived phantoms of Krokodil magazine: spongers, alcoholics, abstract artists, and other nonconformists. The main character - Barkhatov - is a Superman on a mission to fight enemies of working class people. The story develops so dramatically that the catharsis effect is 100% guaranteed.

Selected in the following festivals :
- Moscow International Film Festival (MIFF), Moscow (Russia), 2011