1980, 206mn 
Colour, TV fiction
Klub samoubiyts, ili prikliucheniya titulovannoy osoby
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Клуб самоубийц, или приключения титулованной особы


 Suicide Club, Or A Titled Person’s Adventures

 Le Club des suicidés, ou les aventures d'une personne titrée

Other titles : Приключения принца Флоризеля (Les Aventures du prince Florizel)
Directed by : Yevgeni TATARSKY (Евгений ТАТАРСКИЙ)
Writing credits : Edgar DUBROVSKY (Эдгар ДУБРОВСКИЙ)
Oleg DAL (Олег ДАЛЬ) ...Prince Florizel
Donatas BANIONIS (Донатас БАНИОНИС) ...President of the Sucicide Club
Igor DMITRIEV (Игорь ДМИТРИЕВ) ...Geraldinty
Liubov POLISHCHUK (Любовь ПОЛИЩУК) ...Mademoiselle Jeannette
Cinematography : Konstantin RYZHOV (Константин РЫЖОВ)
Production design : Isaac KAPLAN (Исаак КАПЛАН)
Music : Nadezhda SIMONIAN (Надежда СИМОНЯН)
Companies : Lenfilm

Plot synopsis
Loosely based on short stories by Robert Louis Stevenson. Exhausted with boredom, Prince Florizel is looking to be thrilled, and it so happens that, accompanied by his friend Colonel Gerald, he finds himself in the Suicide Club... Eventually they get to be in the center of adventure...