Yevgeni BAUER
Евгений БАУЭР
Evgueni BAUER
Russia, 1917  
Black and white, silent, fiction
Lina pod ekspertizoy, ili Buynyy pokoynik
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Лина под экспертизой, или Буйный покойник


 Lina under Examination, or the Turbulent Corpse

 Lina sous expertise, ou Le Défunt turbulent

Directed by : Yevgeni BAUER (Евгений БАУЭР)
Lina BAUER (Лина БАУЭР) ...Lina
Arkadi BOYTLER (Аркадий БОЙТЛЕР) ...Karapuzik
Aleksandr KHERUVIMOV (Александр ХЕРУВИМОВ) ...Puzik
Cinematography : Boris ZAVELYOV (Борис ЗАВЕЛЕВ)
Produced by : Aleksandr KHANZHONKOV (Александр ХАНЖОНКОВ)
Companies : A. Khanjonkov & C°
Release Date in Russia : 10/02/2011

Plot synopsis
One evening the editor of the newspaper "The Wild Duck", Karapuzik, stayed late in the club for a game of vint with his friend Puzik, an expert at the Court Chamber. Puzik was playing hopelessly that evening; finally, Karapuzik could stand it no more, and cursed him. As a result, the two friends almost came to blows. All this made Karapuzik completely forget that he was supposed to attend a benefit performance by his ladyfriend, Lina the dancer, that same evening. The following morning, still thinking about his evening in the club, Karapuzik wrote the following letter to his former friend: "Your performance last night was absolutely hopeless. I am ashamed for you. You still have to learn, and until you do, don't dare show your face to me again. All this between ourselves, of course. Karapuzik." At that very moment Lina's maid brought Karapuzik a letter from her mistress, reproaching him for being inconsiderate. Deeply sorry, Karapuzik hastily wrote to her: "Forgive me, my dear friend. Forget about last night and come to see me. I shall prepare a little surprise for you. Your Karapuzik." Setting off to fetch Lina's little surprise, he asked his secretary to dispatch the letters, but he, deciding to play a joke on the editor, switched the envelopes. Puzik received the sweet invitation intended for Lina. He hurried to see his friend, but there met Lina, who had rushed over with the letter intended for Puzik in order to settle accounts with Karapuzik for insulting her. On learning that Puzik provided expert advice, she invited him to watch her acting and dancing, and to help her unmask Karapuzik. Puzik was so captivated by the inspection proposed to him, that it was dawn before he returned home. In the meantime, the unsuspecting Karapuzik, having waited at home for Lina in vain, went off to the theatre and caught her at Puzik's feet. To take revenge on his treacherous friend, Karapuzik placed a notice in the next issue of the newspaper, announcing that Puzik had died and that his heirs should come to his address. The next day there was a long queue of "heirs" outside Puzik's flat, and the police turned up. As a result, the two friends, Puzik and Karapuzik, ended up behind bars for disturbing the peace. (VK, 1917, No. 124, 36), Testimoni Silenziosi Film russi 1908-1919