Russia / United Kingdom / USA, 2012, full length film 
Colour, fiction
Zimnyaya koroleva
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Зимняя королева


 The Winter Queen

 La Reine de l'hiver

Other titles : Азазель
Directed by : Fyodor BONDARCHUK (Федор БОНДАРЧУК)
Companies : Art Pictures Studio, Seven Arts Pictures, TPA Film

Plot synopsis
The film will be a feature-length remake of the Azazel mini-series for the Western viewer. It will be based on Fandorin’s first adventure, The Winter Queen (Azazel). In the novel, young police detective Erast Fandorin unintentionally stumbles across a mysterious wave of suicides that rolls through Moscow. In the course of his investigation, the detective uncovers a powerful organization which plans to infiltrate every leading state institution around the world and seize control of the entire planet. The organization operates under the name of Azazel.